RUNNING: First Time Runners? Follow these tips!

         You have completed the hardest part of your training but it doesn't calculate the outcome of your race. Additional intense training prior to the race can only prompt injury.
            What you do the day before the race event can greatly affect your race performance. A personal checklist and some tips on what to do one day prior to your big race is a good idea.
1.  Avoid anything new for the race.  Don’t wear new shoes or new clothing. Wear a pair of running shoes that you have worn during your trainings as long as they do not create any problems.

2.  Prepare your running outfit and stuff.  Check the weather and bring only the things needed. Pack your bag with a dry shirt, extra pair of socks, head gear, sunglasses, race kit, medications, bottled water, towel and others.

3.  Make sure you have your race number, singlet and other race materials.  If you have to pick it up on the day of the race, be sure to arrive earlier to give you ample time to ready yourself prior to the big race.

4.  Review the map course.  Know where you can find the water stops, aid stations and portable toilets. It’s best to plan ahead and put together a race strategy.

5.  Plan how you will get to the race venue, where you will park and when you will leave. The last thing you want is to get late or lost before the race.  Some venues are far from the parking areas too.  So plan out how to get there.

6.  Drink plenty of water to properly hydrate your body.   But avoid drinking too much water a few hours before the race.  It will lead to frequent bathroom breaks during the race course.

7.  Rest and relax while you can. The day before the running event is the last day of your tapering process. If you can’t help it, you can take a 20-minute jog or you can go for a small stroll in the park or walk around your neighborhood. But don’t walk for more than two hours to avoid sore feet a day before the event.

8.  Don’t eat much during dinner or late at night.  It takes at least 36 hours to process most of the food you eat. Avoid trying new foods that can cause stomach upset. Stick with foods that have worked well for you. Also, don’t go to bed hungry. Just take a light snack.

9.  Eating the wrong foods can also be a problem.  Avoid processed sugar and high concentration of fat.

10.  Avoid alcohol, smoking and caffeine.  These can affect your performance during the running event.  Some prefer caffaine to stimilate them but don’t try it if you are not used to it.

11.  Plan your breakfast for the next day.  Take something light and filling.  Lessen the fruit intake since some of them has laxative effects.

12.  Go to bed early so that you can wake up early the next day. Get 8-10 hours of sleep. If you can’t sleep at all, don’t panic. Most runners do not sleep well the night before the race.

13.  Remain calm all throughout the day. Don’t let last minute jitters affect your mood. Think positively. Watch a movie or read an inspiring book.

14.  Don’t forget to set your alarm clock to give you enough time to eat breakfast, get ready and arrive at the race venue early.

You have those tips on what to do the day before the running event. For sure you’ll be more confident on your big day. Make it the race of your life!
Good luck in your running event and have a safe run.

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