EXPERIENCE: Mt. Banahaw 1 of 3

Mt. Banahaw
Dolores, Quezon Province,

One who knows others, is knowledgeable. One who knows one's self, is wise. - Lao Tzu

I wanna share to you  my 3-day stay in Mt. Banahaw as part of my adventure on rediscovering myself as MYSELF. This 3-day activity was funded by a private organization which aims to build a community of empowered people through service and giving back to less fortunate individuals. Among the 400++ members of this organization, I was blessed to be part of the chosen 35 who undergone a transformation upon finishing the said camp.

Before heading to camp, participants were advised to bring the following:

As I prepare my things for the camp, I can't help but to jiggle as a sign of how excited I am with this. I very much excited since its my first time to be at Mt. Banahaw and to meet people from different parts of the Philippines. I don't have any pre-judgement on the activities that we're going to have but all I have was pure enthusiasm.

All the participants have been gathered to a place in Pasay City around 4:45 am. Departure time was at 5am. We were composed of three (3) private vans. We gotta chance to have a stop over at South Luzon Expressway (SLEx) to grab some breakfast. It was a two (2) to three (3) hour travel by land from Pasay to Dolores, Quezon.  

After a long ride, we finally arrived at Nature Villa Banahaw.

D.I.Y. deco and NVB staffs welcomed us :)

Fresh air at its BEST.
..and since Mt. Banahaw was a SACRED place, well at least for most of the people who go here, signal was very RARE. as in..

Globe, Smart, Sun. There's NO signal here. :))
Everyone needs to REGISTER.
..and oh, by the way, that's me on my old P.E. pants and gray & red sweat shirt.
Very tasteful Arroz Caldo for breakfast. YUMMY!
And then we met sir Frank. Who would have thought that he's more than 8 decades.? :)

some of the chosen 35.

Group shot.

After the morning session..
  • Goals and Expectations
  • Knowing the power of NOW
  • Feeling the energy inside and out or "chi"
..we're assigned to have a buddy which last until the end of the 3 day camp. 

meet Benjie, my buddy for this camp.

in line for the afternoon trek.


going down..

Going down, down, down.

We offered a short prayer and lighted a candle as a sign of respect as we begin our journey.

we made it to a small falls.. and it looks like they're really enjoying..

FIND ME! :))

wet and cold. at a souvenir shop.

 After the trekking, we have a small talk about the realizations and all. Now, time for dinner.

Ginataang sitaw at kalabasa plus inihaw na tilapia

Everything's FRESH. 
After the sesh, we decided to play a mind game that goes like "Pupunta ako sa Music Room, anong dadalhin mo para makasama ka?", "Pupunta akong barbeshop, anong dadalhin mo para makasama ka?" and a lot more. Frank told us not to stay late that night as we have a long day the next morning. So when we noticed that we're getting all hyped with the game, we decided to go to another place for us to play. We found out the next day that he's playing with us through his mind. He confessed that he got sad when we changed place since he can't hear us anymore. hahahaha. :))

end of first day.. to be continued..

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