POV: In a Roller Coaster Ride.

We both found each other in a hopeless place.
No drama, no mushy stuff and all.
I looked at you and then you looked at me and with that, we know there's something in us.

We decided to go to another place to talk things over.
You opened up, I just did the same.
Getting to know you that day made me feel so ecstatic.
Thinking how someone can be so positive despite of the battles one have been into.

Walking along the hallway, you and I looked at each other.
Singing songs of an in love couple.
Feeling each other's spark that's burning.

You decided to take me to another place.
This time to meet your so called "best friends".
I really felt happy that in a short moment together, we have established a good start.
A start of something different.
Something new.
Something that will make us inspired and happy.

Days have passed and we still with each other.
We've been into a couple of petty fights but we still decided to stay.
To stay with what we have as of the moment.

I am not perfect.
I know I can't give you all your wants and needs.
I may fall short at times but I hope you'll continue to understand.
I'll not make any promises.
I'll just continue expressing my gratitude to the Lord by giving me someone like you in my life.
Let's enjoy this roller coaster ride.

It's September 15, 2013
And the roller coaster was out of track.
The heart was shattered into pieces.
And the passengers were caught off guard.
Everyone's in shock.
The lonely boy was too hurt.
He cried a lot that causes the flood in the Metro.
He tried to revived his partner as he sees blood everywhere.
There's no second chance.
It didn't end well.

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