EXPERIENCE: Boracay and #AtiAtihan2014 Part 1 of 2!

2go or not 2go? - Sunset to DIE for

Inside Batangas City Port

Another item on my Bucket List has been crossed out after having a fun weekend in Boracay last January 17, 2014. Being part of my top 3 must see destination, I am very happy to finally see the beautiful paradise called Boracay Island. (Click to see my top 3 picks last year.)

2Go Travel - Caticlan bound.
Tourist class bed.
View while leaving  Batangas City Port
Roof Deck entertainment at 2Go Travel ship. St. Ignatius of Loyola

Grabbed few cans of beer while listening to some entertainment.

Photo taken early in the morning as the ship approaches Caticlan Jetty Port

It has been a 9 hour ship ride from Batangas City Port to Caticlan Jetty Port. Upon alighting from the ship, we headed to Caticlan port to pay for our boat ticket, environmental and terminal fees for a 15-25 minute ride to Boracay Island. The sea was not calmed since there's a Low Pressure Area in some parts of Visayas region. After alighting from the boat, we took a tricycle heading to Boracay Cottage located at Station 1, Boracay.

Queue going to the boat terminal.

Once of the captains navigating the boat manually.

reached Boracay boat terminal.

first step on the very beautiful and fine Boracay sand!

Front Office of Boracay Cottage

See that window in the attic? That's our room.
inside our room. This is the biggest room at Boracay Cottage. :)

 After checking in and resting for some time, I and James decided to have a breakfast at Damiana's. They served good crepes by the way.

A couple having breakfast while enjoying the view of the beach.
Longsilog with coffee plus pineapple, banana and mango crepe for dessert. 

After having a sumptuous breakfast, we decided to swim while waiting for Peppe and Thalia.

We go back to Boracay Cottage to check if Peppe and Thalia already arrived. We found Peppe in the room. He just traveled from Tagbiliran in Bohol before going to Boracay.

Peppe making sand balls for juggling.

We decided to have some lunch before heading to the beach for swimming. We ended up having a buffet lunch at La Carmela de Boracay.

food overload. :)
Taken in one of the stores within D' Mall
Peppe loves to makes  faces during picture taking. :)
Along the way, a Korean approached us and ask things like, "where are you from?, "who are you with?", "are you a solo traveler?", etc. He ended up going with us as he don't have any company. His name is Silva.

Willy's Rock!
Doing a jumpshot with James
thumbs up with Peppe

A cave like place at the end of Station 1 which houses a replica of Mother Mary.
Boracay is known for its white and fine sand, amazing sunset and kind people. Boracay sunset is by far, the most beautiful sunset I've seen. It's like a magic show! The sun sets so fast that it looks like it's running. After the sun sets, the sky starts to change it's color. From yellow to gold, from gold to orange, from orange to red. The sky was set on fire with clouds complementing it. 

Yellow gold sky

orangy sky

the clouds perfectly compliment the sunset

panoramic view of Boracay Sunset

trying to do a jumpshot

After the sunset, we met Thalia, an American whom Peppe met on one his of travels. Thalia is a sweet and funny girl. :)

Peppe, Thalia, and yours truly 
We decided to dine at True Food Indian Cuisine as Thalia was a vegetarian and everyone wants to try something new.

The place was so laid back. Ambiance was really great. The food tastes awesome.

James, Silva, Leo, Thalia and Peppe. (from left to right)
After dinner, we decided to go to a nearby supermarket to buy some drinks and use our place for drinking session instead of going to a bar.

Peppe mixing some vodka!

James, Peppe, Thalia and Silva

Silva making that Korean sign. :)

Family Picture

After shots of Vodka and Rhum, we decided to head out and see what Boracay party place can offer. We ended up dancing to drum and lyre to DJ mix at Summer Place.

playing AtiAtihan beat

great crowd at Summer Place
It was really great knowing Silva (Korean), Thalia (American), Peppe (Italian) and James (Filipino). The night was full of exchanging cultures. From languages to food to a lot of things. I really enjoyed the day spending time with them.

The rest is HISTORY. :)

End of Day 1 and Day 2.

Note: Some photos are from James' camera.

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