One of the hardest 'thing' to give to someone is your TRUST. Not because you are not generous enough to give it but it's just that for those people who really deserve it. 

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Every relationship may it be romantic or not is founded on virtues and characteristics of care, love, understanding, faith, honesty and the list goes on. That it is why people around you right now may or may not be your friend. You may consider them as allies, confidants, acquaintances, colleagues or what ever you want to call them. The word FRIEND nowadays is too generic that people tend to mix it with the terms mentioned above. Of course being a friend also has different levels depending on how deep the communication and connection lies between the people involved. There are what we called best friends (BFFs), highscool or college friends, friends from workplace, friend of a friend, social networking friends or even "plastic" friends.

There are 'friends' who are there when you're in triumph and then one by one get off track once you hit the wrong road. There are 'friends' whom just want to know your miseries and unfortunate experiences and laugh at you at the back of their minds. There are friends whom a fan of watching you when you're vulnerable and taking advantage of it for their own sake. On the other hand, there are 'friends' whom will stick to you no matter what happens. 'Friends' who will slap you in the face because you've done something wrong but hug you afterwards to comfort you. 'Friends' whom will laugh with your mistakes and do crazy stuff to make you feel good and cheer you up. 'Friends' that after knowing you're weak, will help you stand up, face the world and make those opportunities to grow as a better person. 
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There's always two sides, the good and the bad. But what if you have a friend who's very manipulative, someone who built an image far from what other people see? Those times when someone approaches you, befriended you, cried in front of you because he/she got into trouble, because he/she can't think clearly and can't make some life decisions. Those times you laugh at a joke, share funny experiences and wild adventures. Those times that you go for a long walk, bought food and enjoy it over good conversation. Everything becomes a lie after discovering something which you thought he or she can't even do. Then suddenly you're in a particular state where you're confused which part remains genuine, true. You start to question yourself why you didn't see it coming. What have you missed and why you become blinded with real persona of this entity. For sure you'll feel betrayed and lied to. You will not be hurt and things won't matter if you don't consider him/her that important. But of course, it's hard to think and believe that someone so close to you, tested by time, will turn out to be someone you don't really know, someone you don't even think can exist. You trusted him/her in the first place and now it seems that you shouldn't gave it to him/her because it's not worth it.

Well, there's no perfect relationship, it's a cliche. Everyone faces bumps once in awhile. Everyone will get hurt eventually. It's just a matter of time, how deep the wounds will be and how long will it heal. We can't screen everyone who comes in our lives and see the good and the bad in them, even in a lifetime. What we can do is to learn from mistakes, be open to change and welcome the uphill and downhill of life. With this experience, I know for sure will be an eye opener for someone who never experience betrayal from a GOOD friend, someone whom you treated as a brother/sister, someone whom you know will save you when your life is in danger. Move forward, your genuine friends will surely not do the same.

Tap on the back, you did your best to surround yourself with good people. Yes you failed, but it should not stop you and hold you back from what life can offer. Life goes on.

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