MODUS OPERANDI: Confession of an Anti-Networking World

DISCLAIMER: I'm nothing against about networking itself but the way how they market their products is what I'm against with. This blogpost may or may not end some of the friendships I've established but I want to save "you" from losing more of your friends. :)

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Who would not be happy when you received a random message from someone asking how are you doing and would love to know  your current status especially if it's a long-time-no-see friend?

B: Hello kevin, kamusta.
ME: Okay naman
B: Andito ako sa Makati, gusto mo makipagkita?
ME: Wow. Talaga? Sang banda ka ba?
B: Andito ko sa may tabi ng iAcademy. Yung building don. Ano punta ka?
ME: Sige, sige!

As I arrived at the venue, she encouraged me to sit down on a talk or seminar of that sort discussing the benefits of the products the "company" is offering and how can it level up the power of money and how life would be so much comfortable. #FACEPALM #trapped I felt manipulated and taken advantage of. I just wanted to talk to a 'friend', check what is going on with her but unfortunately, nothing of these things happened.

A: Kamusta?
ME: Okay naman, Kamusta ka? Anong balita sayo?
A: Okay din naman. San ka na nagwowork ngayon?
ME: (Company name and position)
A: Wow, gusto mo ba ng extra income?
ME: Wow? Talaga? Sure! Paano ba.
A: Kelan ka ba free? San ka malapit? Papakausap ko sayo yung boss ko kasi alam kong qualified ka dito. 
ME: Ano ba yan? Product or Services?
A: Basta okay ito. Let my boss speaks to you para mas ma-explain niyang mabuti. Kelan ka ba free?

I stopped replying to her messages since I know where our conversation is going to. #FACEPALM

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I want to share to you a status from a friend with regards to people that were consumed by so much of the things I'm talking about. She just can't tolerate it anymore and these words come from her bursting with annoyance and irritation which made her feel BEYOND pissed off:

Nothing against networking and multi-level marketing, but I really hope you invest in a more compassionate approach when enticing people to join your company. 
Sitting next to me inside this famous doughnut shop is a small group of individuals whose ages vary from 20+ to 40+. They are listening to this guy who keeps listing down what he was able to buy since he started with the company which includes gadgets (he changes gadgets, plural, yearly daw), a car from Audi which he expects in a few months 'coz it needs to be pre-ordered if you're from the PH (daw), top-of-the-line clothing, and was even able to travel in and out of the country whenever he wants. 
I wanna kick him and slam my tray on his head. 
I remember my experience with one such company; she said that after she earned her first million, she went up to her hometown somewhere up north and met up with her teachers from elementary. It made her sad. Her words? 
"I saw my teacher in elementary, kung san siya nakatira dati, dun pa rin sya nakatira gang ngayon. Kung san sya nagtuturo, sa luma kong classroom, dun pa din sya nagtuturo hanggang ngayon. Gusto nyo ba ng ganung buhay? Di man lang umunlad? Lagpas 60 na sya, andun pa rin sya. E ako, after ko magjoin dito, in 2 years, may dalawa na kong sasakyan, bayad na, may bahay na rin ako dito at sa probinsya. Gusto nyo rin ng ganun diba?" (I saw my teacher in elementary, she's still where she used to live. She still teaches in the same classroom that I was in when she was my teacher. Do you want that kind of life? No growth? She's over 60 years old, and she's still there. What about me? After I joined this company, in 2 years, I already have 2 cars fully-paid, I have my own house here and in the province. You want that, too, don't you?) 
It's not enough that you help people earn so much money; take responsibility as to how those you help can improve as better individuals. Come up with investment options or tie-up with social entrepreneurs. 
And in case I meet her again, I'll tell that bitch: "Between you and your teacher, she's living a luxurious life. Go figure."
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I have my own fair share of opinion too:

Most of the networking companies have worst marketing strategies which deceives  innocent people to the point of taking advantage on physical needs. If these companies are really proud and believed with how their product works, they don't need to mislead people. They need to be HONEST from the very beginning what are their offerings, how it works and how it will be beneficial for the parties involved, the company, the sellers and the buyers.

Collect moments not things.

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