#TheaterPH - 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Juego de Peligro (Dangerous Liaisons)

The ACCENT and FLAWLESS acting.

The play used Spanish accent given that the characters are Hispanic counterparts as Señora Margarita and Señor Vicente.  Their status as peninsulares of the colony has somewhat given them a sense of entitlement to prey on people who belong in the lower ranks. Shamaine Buencamino as Señora Margarita delivers astounding performance as she shows women’s domination and power. She transformed as a Bida-Kontrbida as she played with the rest of the characters just to get what she wants. Arnold Reyes on the other hand, who plays Señor Vicente is the busiest character literally as he transfer from one scene to another with costume changes and moods. I admire him for being so professional that he executes each transition effortlessly. I also got the chance to watch Valerie Concepcion as Señora Teresa as LJ Reyes also plays the role for other days of the production. I was really impressed on her acting on live stage. I know some of her projects on television but it’s just refreshing watching her in theater. I bet you will really enjoy hearing those lines delivered in Spanish accent and might bring it with you after the show. I warned you!

It’s about LOVE, SEX and LIES

Love can make someone turn into another person especially when he or she has different intentions. Some of the characters lost his or her ways as he or she entertains the concept of love. It’s quite a taboo to talk about SEX in traditional media like television. Here, in Juego de Peligro, sex has been used as a tool for revenge. It lets the character unfold themselves to the audience making SEX as one of the motives and end goal of the material. Lies on the other hand also play a big part in the story itself as the characters connive and form an alliance to reach a certain plan. At the end of the story, you’ll end up feeling betrayed and will be intrigued if such scenario can happen in real life.

Butt ExposureS

Yes. You read it right! Butt exposures with a capital ‘S’ to emphasize its plurality. Not just once, twice or thrice. It adds how daring the role of each artist was and presented in a very artistic and professional way. 

Awesome Light and Sound Direction.

In a stage play and theater, light and sound plays a vital role to set the mood of each scene. The creative team made a HUGE effort to properly set the lights and sounds so perfect ending up picturesque and cinematic frames from start to finish.

photo credits: panitikan.com.ph

It’s like you're watching a MOVIE!

Because of the flawless execution of almost everything, watching Juego de Peligro is like watching a movie. With minor pauses for the transition, it’s like the whole act was turned into a movie ready production. I ended up on my feet as well as other audiences after the play for a standing ovation.  Bravo!

Juego de Peligro runs on the CCP Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (Little Theater), from February 20 until March 8, Thursday to Sundays, with 3PM (Matinee) and 8PM (Gala) shows. Tickets are priced at Php1000 and Php800. 20% discount on the regular price for senior citizens, government employees, military employees and PWDs. (Please present valid ID). Tickets can be purchased at Ticketworld, or you may call Tanghalang Pilipino at (02) 832-1125, local 1620, or at 09218204155 / 09052544930 (SVG). For updates, you may visit the official Tanghalang Pilipino Facebook page, or via Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtag #tanghalangpilipino #juegodepeligro #juego #dangerousliasons.

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