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I am not a fan of action packed movies especially those which deals with blood, guns and a lot of killings. I found it too gore and violent. I'm also not a fan of hearing the sound of bombs, firecrackers, or anything that explodes. That's why I am surprised that I've been into an experience which involves handling a real gun and actually firing it.

The remnants of firing.

I never imagined myself that I'll be firing a gun, It's too intense for me. I'd rather jump on a cliff or ride a roller coaster instead. But since I am looking for more adventure and exceeding my so called 'limitations', I let myself try a unique experience. I may say, an experience of a lifetime.

Spacious Range up to 40 meters.

I would like to share to  you my first ever shooting range experience with the help of StrongHand Shooting Range. It is Asia’s first and only toxic free indoor shooting range, combining HEPA filter technology, turbine exhaust and non toxic components in their ammo. I am very impressed with the turbine exhaust inside the facility and glad to know that the use non toxic components (no airbourne lead, no sulphur dioxide, no barium oxide and no antimony oxide) in their ammo. 

Gun Accesories

We started our experience by attending a Gun Safety Seminar conducted Range Officer Randy. He teaches us the Do's and Don't's in handling guns and also the Markmanship which will let us hit the target in the range. After an informative discussion, he taught us how dry firing works and how to load and unload the magazine with bullets.

HS Pistol that I've use together with 20 toxic free 9mm ammo.

And then the time had finally come for us to test if we really learn from the shooting brief.

Need to capture this moment. :)

Finger out of the trigger.

Here are the things I love about StrongHand Shooting Range:

1. It is FAMILY friendly!
2. It has TOXIC FREE environment.
3. It has No TIP Policy.
4. It provides a total safe, comfortable and fun experience.
5. It has a coffee shop with 180 degree viewing window and seminar rooms.

My friends already created a buzz after I posted my InstaVideo and they would like to try this! How about you? Are you up for a CHALLENGE?

Certification and Result. :)

Feeling great after the firing! Thank you RO Randy for the guidance!

For more information, you may visit StrongHand Shooting Range's website http://www.stronghandshootingrange.com/ and if you feel that you're ready for a challenge, head on to La Defense Building, 1660 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave. Cubao, Quezon City and start shooting!

Special thanks to RMDC Inc. for inviting me! :)

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