FITNESS: 360 Pro: The Newest Training Ground for Pro Athletes! #Get360Fit

360 Fitness Club is celebrating their 5th anniversary this year and they are very much happy to expand and bring to market their vision of being the preferred non-traditional fitness gym in the country while reinventing the perception and mode of exercise to help individuals develop healthy and active lifestyles.

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Last 2010, in an era of traditional, full-scale gyms complete with treadmills and weight machines, 360 introduced a 30-minute, no machines circuit training program to the commercial gym market, revolutionizing the local fitness industry. When they opened, people wouldn't believe they were operational because of their no machine, smaller space set up! Their fast, fun, and effective core program, backed by a team of qualified coaches, however, drew gym goers to complete the circuit--- and the rest was history.

360 has now 6 branches (Ortigas, Makati, Timog, BGC Fort, Alabang and Pioneer. The latest addition to their roster of highly commendable facilities and fitness programs just opened this month which is 360PRO in Pioneer, Mandaluyong City. This brand extension is a Performance Training facility that caters to both professional and recreational athletes and teams who want sports specific training to improve their game. Its main core program includes the 5 Ps or Pillars of Athletic Performance. 360PRO is aptly located in SPARTA (Sports and Recreational Training Arena), a wellness complex which houses a 50x25m indoor artificial football turf, a dance studio, and will soon have an indoor volleyball court. 360PRO will be the brand's answer to the market's calling for an upscale, facility specializing in science based sports training.

5 Ps or Pillars of Athletic Performance

Pillar 1 PROMOTE 
360PRO promote mobility of the joints, activation of muscles, and of course body heat to raise body temperature and get you ready for the workout ahead. This is also where 360PRO promote core strength and stability through anti-rotation and anti-extension training which is needed to protect the spine.

Pillar 2 PROPEL 
This is the zone for you to develop athletic power. Here 360PRO have barbell, plyometric and medicine ball exercises to help increase your explosiveness which is needed in almost all sports. 

Pillar 3 PROTECT
At 360PRO, 360PRO not only make you stronger pound per pound, but more importantly to protect one’s body from injuries. Exercises performed in this pillar used kettle bells, dumb bells, medicine balls, and body weight exercises that are designed to promote functional strength. 

Pillar 4 PROLONG
The goal is to increase your energy systems’ capacities to take on more work at a high level, for a longer period of time. In this pillar, one will make use of the sleds, resistance bands for running, and agility courses to test your athleticism and help you gain momentum for your game. 

Pillar 5 PROGRESS 
It is the cool down phase where recovery begins and we can progress to the next level.

The owners during the opening of PRO360.

The 5 P's of 360PRO shall prepare athletes to be at their best performance and to be able to create more milestones in their athletic journey and in life.  360PRO is located at SPARTA (Sports and Recreational Training Arena) 126 Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City. Visit for more details. 

I'll be sharing you my personal experience with the 5 PILLARS on a separate blogpost! :)

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