Someone Covered Me Up for Best Food Forward 2015!

For the past years, I've been attending Best Food Forward to immerse myself to different products and services made available by local business owners to the market. As this year's their 5th already, I was caught up in a conflicting schedule that made me contact a good friend to cover the event on behalf of me. I wanna share to you the experience of Saul as he attended Best Food Forward 2015.

The colorful balloons indicate the event as festive.
Last October 10 and 11, one of the biggest and best food fairs celebrated it's 5th anniversary at the Rockwell Tent. Best Food Forward 2015 housed the familiar, the innovative, and the most indulgent food cravings that could be gathered in the Metro.

Coming from a morning from at National Museum, I was famished and was looking forward to seeing and tasting different kinds of gastronomic treats that would fill up my stomach until I can't take it anymore. There weren't much meals inside but Natalia's Rustic Kitchen caught my attention.

I got an order of Homamade Meatloaf in Tomato Chickpea Sauce with smoked bacon, preserved lemons and rice. The rice was normal but the rest is as good as it sounds. The meatloaf is the kind that you expect from a family gathering, except this time, it is accentuated by the smokiness of bacon and the tangy taste of the tomato and some lemons.
Sinfully delectable.

Partly full, I continued going around the Tent. Thirsty, I was on the lookout for the not-so-usual drink while I was offered left and right to taste mostly pastries. Guyabano was a drink that I would associate with Zesto, when I saw that it was available "All Natural," I immediately bought a bottle of from Red Robin. It did satisfy me but it was just a bit too sweet.

This led me to going through the different dessert stalls again. And two stood out for me. Both featured Tablea. And the first one made the best Tablea Fudge Bars! I was hesitant at first but when we were given a piece, I knew that I had to take some home! Choco ATBP's fudge bars were dark and rich but not overwhelming. They are available in Classic, Sugarfree, Delightful Orange, Tsoko Sili. Since I wanted to be adventurous, I got the orange and sili variants. 

My Best Food Forward experience ended with the sweetest note with Wadough's. They had a 20-Yolk Yema cake, Breakfast Cookies (ingredients include breakfast food such as coffee, oatmel, and bacon), and the best Tablea Cake I've tasted! Unlike usual, Tablea 2.0's texture was smooth without compromising the flavor. A little Jack Daniels made it much better than the rest!

Choose Your Juice!

Bitter Sweet, The way I like it.

I highly recommend Choco ATBP and Wadough's for Christmas! Connect with them through the following links:

a taste of heaven

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