Mega what? No! It's MEGAWATT!


Just recently opened, Megawatt – Pizza. Chicken. Burrito is ready to serve the Quezon City-San Juan crowd an electrifying collaboration of Tex-Mex Cuisine, with a sure-fire recipe crafted to perfection by a group of friends and foodies who loves to eat, as much as cooking it. 

Solar panel-ish tables.

I love the branding!

Details, details, details...

The idea of having an energy & power plant themed restaurant came to mind after a recent visit to one of the power plant stations in the country where cement-finished flooring, solar panels and bright yellow power generators caught the eyes of everyone and sparked the idea of having a restaurant theme patterned from it. Taking the concept to a whole new level, the owners emphasizes on it being an Eco-friendly dining place wherein everything from the cups to utensils are made from recyclable materials; the restaurant is powered partially by clean energy provided by the solar panels, diners can see how the panels can create a renewable source of energy through sunlight alone!

Power from lights come from this solar panel. Good job!

Rare items for sale. For collectors out there, you will love this corner.

One of the owners who happen to own 21st Element, one of the leading brands in the car-wash/car-care segment certainly paved the way for the decision to open Megawatt’s first branch within LG2 Carwash Station’s compound. Apart from being a good friend and client of the owner, LG2 Carwash Station and 21st Element’s collaboration proved to be a strategic partnership where both parties saw the potential of the concept, which can boost each others foot traffic. People who want to have their cars washed, would definitely have to wait, and what better  place should they be spending time while watching their cars washed? Well, you can wait at the lounge, or you can go enjoy a burrito!

Recylced bins as chairs. Very innovative!


Located at 41-A N. Domingo corner Valencia St. in the heart of horse-shoe village in Quezon City, bordering Robinson Magnolia and in front of LG2 Carwash Station comes an electrifying eat-while-you-wash dining concept. Apart from having a uniquely themed restaurant, diners can feast their eyes with the wide array of limited edition toys, and memorabilia that will be showcased inside the dining area, where some of which can be bought by diners. 

Megawatt crew at your service!

To the car enthusiasts, and the yuppies who loves to take care of their cars as much as eating great food, be ready to be served by one of the friendly power plant maintenance and engineering team in full jump-suit mechanic outfit that will fix you an electrifying Tex-Mex meal from the menu composed of a wide selection of pizza, Megawatt signature fried chicken recipe and a burrito recipe rivaling one of the best in town.


Chick6 and Chips.

Left: Seafood Garlic Pizza (Scallop, Squid, Shrimp, & Fish in special sauce) , Right: Cheese Cheese Cheese (Feta, Sharp, Cheddar, Gruyere, Parmigiano, Mozarella

A.M.P. (Angus Megawatt Patty Burger, Hash Brown topped with Sunny Side Up Egg.)

Crunchy Mushroom Melt.

Roast Beef Burrito.

Vegan Pesto Burrito

My personal favorite: 29 karat Surf and Turf Burrito. Meltique Steak with edible gold cream.

Perfectly accompanied with Megawatt's homebrew cranberry iced tea.

Megawatt foodies. :)

If your craving for Tex-Mex cuisine, Megawatt is definitely the place to be. You'll surely be left speechless in every bite. 

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