Tribes! Red Turnip Theater's opening production for its 4th Season!

In just three years, Red Turnip Theater has changed the landscape of the commercial theatre scene, proving that the straight play has always been suited to Filipino audiences’ tastes, provided that the content and form are of top-notch quality.  

Topper Fabregas, Cris Villonco, Jenny Jamora, Ana Abad Santos and Rem Zamora.
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Turnips!

Red Turnip Theater now mounts their most captivating season yet, kicking the Fourth Season off with the offbeat love story TRIBES Last season, Red Turnip travelled outwards, exploring not only different countries but time and space in the critically acclaimed productions of “33 Variations” and  “Constellations”. This year Red Turnip returns to its roots, going back to what it  
does best: journeying inwards.

Cast of Tribes!

In TRIBES, a deaf young man tries to find his voice in a comically loquacious, anti- sign language family that just wants to make him feel normal. This material let one explore the self, asking questions such as ‘How do we define our role in our family?’ ‘What is normal?’ And, for that matter, ‘Who is our true self?’

TRIBES director Topper Fabregas: “Red Turnip has always made sure to make each play feel immediate to anyone who enters our space, and rooted in the culture we live in. TRIBES is going to be Pinoy. The material may have been published abroad but once it is interpreted by the actors and given voice by the artistic team, it becomes Filipino. We go a step further by using Filipino sign language in scenes where sign is used.” 

With TRIBES, the company is also reaching out to the deaf community by having select shows tailored to them. “Those shows will be fully surtitled,” says Fabregas, “In addition to that, we’re also excited to see how there may be added or other nuances to the actors’ performances with them knowing they’re playing to a deaf audience. ”  

TRIBES stars a formidable ensemble cast. “We’ve been long-time fans of each of these actors,” says Jenny Jamora. “They’ve all done so much good work but there’s that certain performance that got us hooked on each of them: Dolly De Leon in Tatlong Maria, Kalil Almonte in Games People Play, Cris Pasturan in Titus Andronicus, Angela Padilla in Stepping Out, Thea Yrastorza in Battalia Royale and Teroy Guzman in Dead Stars and now, of course, 33 Variations.”

TRIBES opens August 5 and will run until September 4, 2016 and will be staged at the Power Mac Center Spotlight Theater, Level 2 Circuit Lane, Circuit Makati, Metro Manila. 

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