Change The Way You See Friendship!

Change the way you see friendship!

As they say, friends are extension of one’s family. You chose them to be part of your life and there’s no such thing as accidental friendship. It’s a matter of choosing the people who surrounds you which makes you a better person despite of all the challenges you’re facing every day.

I am sharing you some points on choosing the people whom you can consider as friends.

1. Choose people who are family oriented.

For me, it says a lot if a person is family oriented. It just means that even you’re just friends, you’ll be treated as part of the family. These people are those who care more and will extend help if needed. These are the people who love unconditionally and one you can depend on.

VC Loves!

Maxi DanceCrew!

OhOhLeo, DangMusings, Mr. Nice One, JoyrneyToLife

2. Choose people who has big goals and loves to challenge themselves.

Surround yourself with people who like challenges, adventure and taking big risks for self-improvement or development. These type of people will unleash the competitiveness within you and will take each moments to the extreme. It’s always a roller coaster ride with them.

A good friend listen to your adventures, A best friend makes them with you!

Cebu-Bohol Trip 2015

Mt. Balagbag - Mt. Maranat Climb!

Tarak Ridge!

Foosball with Deltek friends.

3. Choose people who shares the same passion.

Not everyone knows exactly what he or she wants in his or her life. You are lucky enough if you have someone whom you can share things you loved to do and explore different sides of your creativity. Knowing your purpose in life can mean one thing and sharing it with people who has that same passion is another. Create a positive energy that flows within and radiates on the outside making a positive change out of the passion that burns in you.



Donna, Demi and Leo

Blogger friends. :)

San Beda SPIRES! 

4. Choose people who are genuinely happy with your achievements.

Some people will say that they’re happy whenever you achieve something great but deep inside they’re jealous and will say “You don’t deserve it bitch!”. But there are those people who will be genuinely express that they’re glad with everything you are going through may it be a promotion at work, having the highest score in a subject, winning a contest, nominated for something you are really good at etc. These people who are genuinely happy with your achievements whatever may it be must be kept in your life. They are the ones who see the goodness in you!

Lhai, Erik, Leo, Rio

Cousins and sibs.

Break from Dance Rehearsal (2015)

Wewe, Joan, Bong, Tricia, Leo and Benj (MaxiLove)

5. Choose people whose there during your low/lowest point.

We face a lot of challenges every day and at some point becomes one of the obstacles friendship may face. It’s nice to have people around you during those happy moments but it is in your lowest lows that it matters most. Having a strong support from these people will bring back the joy in you and will make each difficulty bearable. It is in these rough moments where people can show their true concern to you and will help you out in any way they can.

The most memorable people in life will be the friends who loved you when you weren’t very lovable.

Irwin, Cazzie, Chot, Luigie, Charles,and Leo

With Iya Villana este Tin!

The Kontra Bulates

San Beda Theological Circle Batch 2011

6. Choose people who choose you.

I do believe that there’s such thing as ELIMINATION ROUND in friendship. Not everyone is meant to stay in your life as some of them is just temporary. People are there to teach you a lesson or two. Whoever stays in your life, these are the people you’ve chosen and chose you as well.

A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation or being together. As long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends never part.

Leo, Rio and Erik


Clarians at Tagaytay!

Todo Bigay! :,)

How about you? What are your criteria in choosing your circle of friends? Do you keep different circles where you reveal yourself more and more? Or you have that one circle who knows everything? Does this article changes how you see friendship? Let me know and I’ll be glad to share more on the comment section. 

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