#FoodPH - Epicurean Beach Cuisine by Chef Carlo Miguel

One of the considerations why I chose a particular place to visit and have a vacation will always be food. Boracay, one of the best islands not just in the Philippines but in the world, is one of my go to place for night parties, magnificent sunsets and authentic culture exchange. The island always offer me different and unique experiences every time I pay a visit.

In a once in a lifetime experience, Epic Boracay brings Chef Carlo Miguel, the chef behind Manila's top tables, Draft, Beso, 71 Gramercy and Opus, in Manila for a pop-up kitchen event to introduce the Epicurean Beach Cuisine. Get ready for a gastronomic adventure as I share with you my experience.

Chef Carlo Miguel
EPIC Boracay established itself as a go to place for partying the night away when you're in the island. It's part of most of the people's itinerary. Not everyone will have a chance to try their food while in the island, but as for me, it's one of the best places to dine and indulge with their laid back food that everyone will surely enjoy.

Foodies enjoying the starters/ appetizers.

The Epicurean Beach Cuisine is the all day dining restaurant of EPIC Boracay that morphs into the EPIC Beach Club at night. It is an epicurean dream from brunch to dinner. It's a fusion where flavors from the Orients meets the West. 

Breakfast Burrito
with bacons, eggs, sausages,roasted tomatoes and potato hash.
Got a hangover and looking for a cure? Try their Breakfast Burrito. It's sinful and at the same time make you forget all the alcohol you had the night before.

Epic Popcorn Shrimps
golden brown nuggets of breaded fried shrimps, served with sweet chili dipping sauce.
Popcorn and shrimps? Don't you worry! Chef Carlo created the Epic Popcorn Shrimps which is a perfect "pulutan" by the beach. Careful! This is very addicting. Fish Taco offers an interesting combination of flavors that will let you bring to your best moments on the beach. It is that GOOD!

Fish Taco
beer-batteredfish fillet with coleslaw and sriracha aioli
Simple as it looks like but these pork and chicken barbecue are scene stealer! The trick lies with the marinating ingredients and process that Chef Carlo Miguel used. I will not spoil you how it tastes like because I want you to be the judge!

Pork and chicken barbecue
I am not a fan of Baby Back Ribs but after tasting this one, I want to consider exploring and searching the best ribs in the country. After trying it from different restaurants I've dined before, this one is a standout.

Epic Baby Back Ribs
Believe to the best baby back ribs in the Island

Hit after hit, I thought I tasted the best dishes Epic Boracay has to offer. I am totally wrong! These Kimchi Steak is a MUST try! It's one of the best steaks I've tried. Partnering it with kimchi rice is genius!

Kimchi Steak
spicy kimchie rice topped with grilled US Angus steak and fried egg
Barbecue Beer Can chicken will make you forget other grilled chicken you tasted in the island. I don't know but it has a distinct taste you'll surely associate with EPIC once you tried it.

Barbecue Beer Can Chicken 
Fresh as it looks, these grilled tiger prawns will make you crave for more. Perfect as it is or with rice/mashed potato. Pure awesome goodness.

Grilled Tiger Prawns
fresh from the island, served with grilled asparagus and mango salsa
A meal will not always be complete without a dessert. Sharing you the EPIC Cheesecake and Banoffee Triffle. The mango salsa from the former adds an interesting kick to the mango cheesecake that we usually order. Let your taste buds explore the exciting flavors I am talking about. The latter on the other hand will overwhelmed you with how it looks but definitely will not disappoint. 

EPIC Cheesecake
homemade to-die-for cheesecake served with mango salsa

Banoffee Trifle
delicious layers of fresh banana, crushed grahams, chocolate and caramel custard

Thank you Karl Ace, Fran of EPIC Boracay, Chef Carlo Miguel and the rest of the chefs for having me. It's truly and experience like no other. I am excited to go back to Boracay and bring some friends and family at Epic!

Have you tried dining in at EPIC? I am excited to hear your stories!

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