#TheaterPH - Reasons Why You Shouldn't Miss #SaWakas2017

Sa Wakas is a critically acclaimed, homegrown musical based on the songs of one of the country’s most beloved rock bands, Sugarfree. Co-written by Andrei Nikolai Pamintuan and Mariane Abuan, with the music beautifully arranged by Ejay Yatco, Sa Wakas was one of the first to bring together the world of pop rock and theater in one groundbreaking musical.

After watching the first run last January 12, 2017, I was in awe and speechless for quite some time. It left me hanging due to a great body of work presented in a highly entertaining, artful and intelligent storytelling. I am giving you reasons why you shouldn't miss this one!

1. It's a re-run.

It's not actually the first run of this Pinoy rock musical. It was first staged April of 2013 which resulted to a great turnout and buzz among theater critics and enthusiasts. If you're asking why only now, the producer shared during the press launch that they have some difficulties with the scheduling of the actors and other important people who were part of the production; a good indication that the theater scene in the country is booming and very much alive.

2. Stellar performance from Caisa Borromeo, Justine Pena and Victor Robinson III

Seen Caisa and Vic performed in other theater productions where they also shine, but in Sa Wakas, they owned every moment! Here, you'll see a different Caisa who speaks Tagalog very well and with less accent. I used to see her play characters who speak English so fluently with a 'twang'. It's refreshing to watch her play the role of Lexi. Vic on the otherhand sounds very much like Ebe, the lead vocalist of defunct band Sugarfree, which made his performance more effective and pleasing. Notes were on point and lines were intensely delivered. Justine Pena is a revelation! I think it's my first time to watch her perform and she delivers an impressive one. Her innocent yet seductive look makes her perfect for the role of Gabbi. I hope I'll got a chance to watch the alternate cast Cara, Maronne and Pepe playing Lexi, Gabbi and Topper respectively.

3. Musical Direction of Ejay Yatco

Ejay Yatco is a genius! He never fails to amazed me. I watched other productions involving him as musical director but his attack in Sa Wakas is extraordinaire.  The way how he translates the music of Sugarfree was smoothly executed and climactic.

4. Set Design

It's not my first time to set foot to Power Mac Spotlight Theater but it's my first time to watch a show which setup the stage in the traditional way. For the past productions, the stage was put on the center of the theater. Having that experience, it's a refreshing one. The set design was inspired with a condo-style living as the characters reside in a city. I love how the set designer smartly used the space provided and how it transforms from one scene  to another. One of my favorite scene is when Topper and Gabbi were on the rooftop. Wait for that magical moment! Keyword is "6:30"! 

5. Relationship to Relation-Shit

This is another kabit story but presented in a beautiful and intelligent manner. It is in the storytelling that a usual story became a more interesting one. You'll be transported to different phases of the characters' life, understand where they are coming from and relate to the struggles of each. I think everyone at some point will establish a connection while immersing yourself in it. Other people might say "Wait! This is my life. This is my story."

Sa Wakas will run until February 5! See you at the theater. 

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