#FitPH - Run Rio Trilogy 2017 (Leg 2) Experience!

RUNRIO Trilogy is the premier running series in the country. It highlights progression running leading to a full marathon with the aim of encouraging runners to perform better at each leg. 

Hard earned 32K medal

This is the first time in my running career that I experience something unusual on my sole. I felt a sort of burning experience which caused me to walk the last four (4) kilometers of the race route. Despite of having some challenges, I was able to finish the race with a decent time.

Sharing you some photos taken from the race.

The calm after the storm.

With Neil before the gunstart. Another 32K run finisher.

The race route. Image from RunRio.com

Crossing the finish line. :)

Thank you PinoyFitness for this photo.

Congrats Neil (32K) and Angelique (21K) for having another milestone.

Congrats Jon on your 10K run.

With mamaw runner Kay!

Deltek and BareFoot runner JM. 

Congrats Rio for completing your 10K run. Keep it up!

It was an awesome race!

Thank you Deltek for always supporting us all the way!

 Did you also participated in Run Rio Trilogy 2017 Leg 2? How was your experience?


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