#TheaterPH - Binondo, A Tsinoy Musical

Noel Rayos, Carla Guevarra - Laforteza and Arman Ferrer

“BINONDO: A Tsinoy Musical” tells the story of how LILY, a Filipina night club singer in pre-Martial Law Manila, and AH TIONG, a mainland Chinese scholar returning to Cultural Revolution-era Beijing, embark on a journey of great love and heartbreak that begins one fated, moon-lit night during the Mid-Autumn Festival of 1971 in the heart of Manila’s Chinatown.

Floyd Tena, Sheila Valderrama and Arman Ferrer

LILY, a hopeless romantic, finally finds her unlikely great love in AH TIONG, a cynic about destiny, during this night of one of the fullest moons ever recorded and on the birthdate of Ge Lao, the Old Man under the Moon or the Chinese Deity of Love. Vying for LILY’s heart as well is CARLOS, a local Chinese childhood friend of hers who is finally pushed to confront his feelings for her with the arrival of this stranger set on stealing her heart. A triangle centered on different ways of loving and receiving love forms the crux of this story.

Floyd Tena, Ashlee Mickaela Abad Factor and Carla Guevara - Laforteza

Spanning two decades (the 1970s and 1990s respectively) and two countries (China and Philippines), the musical explores how love can triumph amidst racial prejudice and political turmoil, years of waiting and absence; only to grow deeper and change the lives of everyone who dares to put their hearts on the line.

Sheila Valderrama and David Ezra

The true story came from the memories of the creative producer, Rebecca Chuaunsu, who can still recall when a Chinese professor shared the story of his eternal love for a Filipina.  This story moved her and as a Chinese-Filipina herself, it has always been a dream to have a theatrical narrative that would give a fleshed-out representation of the plight of Chinese-Filipinos. Her first theater mentor, Joel Lamangan became one of the keys in staging this dream, as Ricky Lee also came into the picture when he eagerly accepted to write the book and lyrics of the musical. As a Chinese-Filipino, Ricky Lee admitted that he had noticed the scarcity of literary pieces that highlight the deeper context of their struggles.  

Here's the schedule of performances:

June 29 and July 6 at 8pm; 
June 30, July 1, July 7 and July 8 at 3pm and 8pm

Venue is at The Theatre at Solaire.

For tickets, call TICKETWORLD at 891 9999.

The ticket prices are as follows: 
Orchestra Center: PHP 2500
Orchestra Side  PHP 2000
Premium Center PHP 4000
Premium Side PHP 3000
Balcony center PHP 1000
Balcony side PHP 500.

For further inquiries, contact Geordina at 0917 546 3401, or Hepzi at 0917 583 0331.

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