#FoodPH - Chef Laudicos x Kitchen Mafia - An Asian Fusion Worth Trying Out!

At the festive entrance of Guevarra's

What will happen if you combine Filipino food with Malaysian cuisine? Sounds interesting right? Prepare yourselves to a culinary journey as you read the rest of this story. 

Last December, I was fortunate enough to be invited at the launching of Chef Laudicos x Kitchen Mafia event happened at Guevarra's in San Juan. This event celebrates the fusion of two cuisines by using Filipino ingredients but cooking in the Malaysian way for Malaysian dishes. It was an interesting collaboration and actually very exciting for the chefs involved.

Teaser of what's coming ahead.

Celebrity chefs Shercon Lian and Johnny Fua, also known as the Kitchen Mafia, stepped into the kitchen of Chef Roland and Jacqueline Laudico to create set of dishes that food enthusiasts will truly enjoy.  Chef Johnny mentioned that it is always fun to experience other chefs’ ideas or being in someone else’s kitchen. There was no issue using Filipino ingredients according to him, it’s just a matter of how you find a balance of flavors. 

Filipino Bread with 3 dips.

While waiting for the event to start, we were delighted with a generous serving of Filipino breads accompanied with exciting dips. The dips are Adobo Pate, Dried Mango Chutney, and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil & Sinamak. It was enough to prepare us for what's coming ahead.

Tanigue and Kerabu

We started with the first course called Tanigue and Kerabu which is composed of crispy Spanish Mackerel on spicy green mango salad (Kerabu) tossed in coconut vinegar and dayap dressing topped with roasted cashew. In Malaysia, people are using calamansi instead of Filipino coconut vinegar as souring agent.

Kuah Lodeh

For soup, we had Kuah Lodeh which is a light coconut and turmeric soup with suahe and kamias, crispy bean curd skin, “Sambal" and Pako. You can enjoy it in two ways. You can have the soup on its own first so you can taste the richness from the coconut. Once you’re halfway through, you can mix in the sambal to give the soup a sort of different kick, something’s that a bit more spicy, with a bit more depth.

Beef Rendang

And then we reached the climax. They served Beef Rendang for the main course. There’s a lot of different variations of the rendang and this one has a very rich earthiness and is nutty at the same time. The addition of black rice perfumed with gata wrapped petchay made it more stimulating. 

Cendol Leche Flan Cake

They say that a meal is not complete without ending it with a dessert. Layers of Pandan sponge and rice flour jelly with creme caramel greeted us which Chef Jacq named Cendol Leche Flan Cake. It's her interpretation of the popular Malaysian iced sweet dessert which is similar to halo-halo. She made cendol from scratch and incorporated it in a coconut panna cotta, then layered it with leche flan and pandan cake.

The four dishes is part of Chef Laudico Guevarra’s buffet menu of modern Filipino cuisines starting January 18 to February 3, 2019
You can make reservations by calling their numbers (02) 7051811, (02) 7051874, (0917) 3112222 or follow @guevarrasrestaurant on Facebook and @guevarras_ on Instagram. You may jin the conversation by using the following hashtags: #ChefLaudicosXKitchenMafia  #TaraNaSaGuevarras

Bea Binene also graced this event.

Chef Laudico Guevarra’s is located at 387 P. Guevarra corner Argonne Streets, Addition Hills, San Juan.  The buffet meal is priced at P599net per person on weekdays, and P699net per person on weekends and holidays. 

I cannot miss the opportunity to have a picture with these awesome people behind Chef Laudicos x Kitchen Mafia collaboration. Congratulations Chef and goodluck to your future endeavors.

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