#TheaterPH - Dani Girl, Why You MUST Watch It?

5 years ago (2014), The Sandbox Collective mounted Dani Girl, a musical about a girl trying to grow her hair back after chemo, as their first production. A year after that, my father died because of CANCER.

It was truly a roller coaster ride of emotions as you travel through the world of games, imaginations and adventures through the eyes of a 9 year old Dani and a boy named Marty. Together, you will experience a lot of awesome fantasies with Raph, Dani's 'guardian angel', on their conquest to answer, "Why is Cancer?".

The 2 hour extravagance will make your hearts laugh out loud and have an ugly cry for sure. 

The point of the story is general as you'll ask yourself a lot of questions. I'll not give much details as I don't want to spoil the fun! Instead of having that run down, I'll be giving you reasons why you MUST watch this production.

1. It Has a Universal Theme

Talking about death seems a taboo. But here in Dani Girl, these kids didn't mind what's ahead of them as they are living in the moment. They focused themselves on figuring out the answers to their questions while living one day at a time. For a show dealing with such a heavy topic, the primary mood of “Dani Girl” is one of whimsy, as the characters engage in a series of adventures which is designed to show their battles with cancer.

Kyle Napuli and Daniel Drilon | Photo Credit: The Sandbox Collective

2. It Has An Outstanding Cast

Becca Coates reprised the title role along with Luigi Quesada, Lorenz Martinez and Sheila Valderramma-Martinez. But during the time I watched Dani Girl, it was Kyle Napuli, Daniel Drilon, Juliene Mendoza, Pam Imperial who played as Dani, Marty and Raph and Dani's mom. The chemistry from these actors was impeccable. Kyle put her 100% to the role while Daniel made sure to have Kyle's back from start to finish. These kids are the future of Philippine theater. Juliene is a one man show portraying hundreds of role in the play. He made his own version of Raph who is lively, playful, high-spirited.

Pam Imperial nailed her spot when she performed the song during a conversation with her daughter, and her song about what happened to Dani’s dad.

Kyle Napuli and Pam Imperial | Photo Credit: The Sandbox Collective

3. Set and Production Design Is Magical

Resembling a "tunnel of light", it signifies as a passage between life and death and a bridge between imagination and reality. We love how the production uses video projections that ignites the feeling of fantasy and inviting us to another world that the characters have created.

4. It Will Touch Your Heart Dearly 

Get ready to have a an emotional roller coaster ride and be sure you have box of tissue with you as this material will wrenched your hearts and eyes.

Tickets priced at Php 900.00 - Php 2,000.00
Show Dates: August 10 to September 1 ’19
Venue: Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati
Credits: Michael Kooman (book, music & lyrics), Christopher Dimond (book, music & lyrics), Toff De Venecia (director), Sab Jose (assistant director), Ejay Yatco (musical director), Faust Peneyra (set and costume designer), Joee Mejias (projections),

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