TechPH - 5 Tips To Stay Practical During Christmas Time!

Festive jingles played on repeat in shopping malls, red and green decorations put on display, and the anticipation for a Christmas bonus only mean one thing: holiday season is here. Christmas is known to be the season of giving, which translates it to also being the season of spending, but celebrations and giving out the perfect gifts can be done wisely to avoid overspending.

Here are a few tips on how to stay practical during Christmas time:

Make a list and check it twice. First things first: make a list. Making a list that contains the names of people whom you want to give presents to, the food you plan to make or buy for potluck parties, and everything else you need or want to buy will help you have a clearer view of how much you’re bound to take out of your wallet for this holiday.

Set a budget. After making a list of what we want to spend on during the holidays, setting a budget is the next step. With that, it is essential to set a budget to stay practical during the holidays. Make sure that there are allotments for gifts, celebrations, and even some for yourself! Even though it is the season of giving, remember to only give what you truly can and not go overboard.

Celebrate where your heart is. Parties with friends and reunions with the whole family are Christmas staples for us Filipinos but these special occasions don’t have to be grand. Spending these celebrations at home gives us more freedom as to how the decor will be set up, makes guests more comfortable, and there is no reservation fee! Planning parties can be pricey and opting to hold it at home is the more practical move. After all, these are celebrations of blessings and the gift of life and there is no better place to hold it than your home. 

Be practical with the gift-giving. Pretty gifts such as trinkets and on-trend clothes can be nice to look at but don’t last as long as we would want them to, or sometimes just end up on our shelves collecting dust. Spending a lot on more practical gifts such as home appliances can be intimidating but it shouldn’t only be looked at as presents since it is also an investment that the whole family can benefit from. Investing in good quality appliances can make such a difference in a home.

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