#CulturePH - EMC And Foodpanda Gives FREE Bikes, Jobs To Unemployed Filipinos

Foodpanda, a mobile food delivery marketplace, teams up with EMC Prado Auto, Inc. to create livelihood for the unemployed Filipinos during this pandemic by providing free bikes and a job to work as an amazing foodpanda rider.

This pandemic impacted a lot of Filipinos and it was indeed evident. Both big and small companies were affected that led some of them to furlough some of their employees. This is how this program and campaign comes into life.

“As a cyclist myself, I thought of the most efficient solution to help as much as I could and this is where our bike giving cause started. And with the partnership with foodpanda, we were able to provide brand new bikes and a job for each deserving beneficiary.” says by Enrique Prado, President of EMC Prado Auto, Inc.

“We all know how this pandemic hit us. We have seen businesses shrank or closed down. We have seen Filipinos struggle and cope up with the situation. This made us pull our sleeves to do something. We are grateful to have EMC on-boarded as one of our fleet partners because with them, we can make opportunities for these people who need this job to make a way for a living.” says Jao Manahan, Operations Manager for Community and Communications.

Powerful and inspiring stories from these Filipinos are shared to foodpanda and EMC which urged them to open opportunities for them.

Enrique Prado, President of EMC Prado Auto Inc. and Jao Manahan, Operations Manager of foodpanda closing the partnership.Add caption


“These stories are truly amazing. Truly inspiring. I did not have any second thoughts about this. We said ‘why not?’ These people are mostly welcome to become part of our awesome rider community. We are looking forward to creating more jobs, more livelihoods and telling more stories. This is what makes our rider community interesting as always.” Manahan added.

“We want to help these individuals feed their families and get through this difficult time. Because we know that with every person that we help, we are also helping his/her family. And for me, there’s no better end goal than to have the chance to help such families. We just wanted to share our blessings and help as much as we could.” Prado added.

To date, foodpanda and EMC have given 18 bikes already which means 18 jobs are now being provided. The partnership aims to create and provide more livelihood moving forward and make more Filipino lives amazing.


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