#CulturePH - Meet My New Baby!

It's a human instinct to always strive and look for ways to survive. In an uncertain times like this, people chose to take the risk of putting up a business without the assurance if this will be a hit or not. 

I am one of those people who have tried their luck to put up a business. Thus, WeTea Online Cafe was born. It was really an unplanned decision because I still have a full time job which I am very grateful for. The thought of starting a business come to mind because I would like to share the joy in every sip of our beverage and the satisfaction from every bite of our breads. 

Milk tea has been in the market for quite some time and we thought of ways how to innovate the product. So to present it in a new way, we decided to put it in a glass bottle instead of the usual plastic cups. So far, it was well received by our customers. 

Next product that came to mind was something we can pair with our premium milk tea. During this pandemic, a lot of people got more time to catchup with their watch list. Top of the list would be the never ending Korean series that always present twists and turns in every story. It made us decided to come up with our own version of the infamous Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Bread. We started with the Classic variant and now we are offering Bacon and Ham too.

Because WeTea Online Cafe is rooted in sharing an awesome experience, we thought of adding a new product which is the premium drip coffee. Available in 13 variants, our individually packed single served premium drip coffee were locally sourced from the mountains of the North and the rich forests of the South. Each pack has been delicately prepared to ensure premium quality that will surely give everyone a good vibes boost.

One of the main concern putting up a business during the pandemic would be marketing. Since everyone tried online selling, it makes the competition more tight and it gives people more options to choose from. WeTea Online Cafe started small with our family, friends and officemates as customers. But with the power of social media and good feedback from them, we attract a new segment of consumers which in turn became our patrons. 

Another thing that boosted our exposure was when we participated with SoShop! By LBC campaign. It features social sellers from home d├ęcor, gadgets, to fashion wear, makeup and many more. A 2-day Online Live Selling has been staged which encouraged buyers to order via Facebook chat bot that will automatically show each sellers catalogue. Offering a considerable amount for delivery, it made the buying experience more fun and convenient.

I personally would like to thank LBC for having WeTea Online Cafe as one of the featured social sellers for the very first SoShop! By LBC online event. You may check their Facebook Page for more details.

If you are interested with WeTea Online Cafe's products, you may check bit.ly/WeTeaPH100

Until our next adventure! Peace out.

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