#CulturePH - 5 fun activities you can do with your doggos at home this summer

With all the anxiety and stress brought about by the pandemic, for many of us, pets have been a huge source of comfort to help endure this challenging time. Although it took a lot of effort to distance ourselves from others totally disrupting what we were used to, the social distance gave way for us to get closer and create more heartwarming moments filled with boops, wet kisses, and playtimes with our furry friends. The care and attention we give them during this new normal is our simple way of reciprocating the unconditional love they give us throughout their life.

Here are five fun examples if you’re looking for activities to do at home with your pupperino, woofer, or floofer this summer:

1. Set up an obstacle course. Active dogs will surely love the thrill of a homemade obstacle course. Set one up using pillows, furniture, boxes with both sides open, and laundry hampers to create tunnels and jumps. Put their favorite treats around the course so they are encouraged to explore.

2. Paint with your doggo. If your doggo is more on the chill side, organize a relaxing painting session with them. Get your dog involved by using their pawprint to create shapes, like flowers. Simply dip their paw in paint then press it down your canvas of choice. Add some stems to make it look like a bouquet. Hang it up or stick it to a wall to add a personal touch to your home. Just make sure to use non-toxic paint and wash it off immediately.  

3. Create a scrapbook for them. Any furparent will surely have dozens of photos of their doggos on their phone. Immortalize your memories by creating a scrapbook. All you’ll need are a scrapbook, a portable printer, and accessories like stickers, washi tape, ribbons, and more. You could have a theme, such as a timeline of their growth, or photos from your favorite trips.

4. Make pupsicles. Even dogs can feel the summer heat so cool them down with pupsicles! Make sure that the ones you give them are dog-friendly. Some easy variants include Greek yogurt and berries,  watermelon and pineapple,  and peanut butter, banana, honey, yogurt, and blueberries.  Simply add the ingredients to an ice tray, freeze, and let your doggos enjoy.

5. Pool party! Cool them down by having a pool party! Get a tub, fill it up with water, add their favorite toys, and let them enjoy splashing around.

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