#FitPH - 3 Reasons Why Men Should Buy Better Underwear!

Feeling good in your own skin and clothes is always essential! A lot of guys think that there is not much difference with the types of underwear available in the market. Whether it is an underpants created by specialists or it comes from the local brand in packs of 3. Most of the time, men consider only whether they should wear briefs, boxers or boxer-briefs –depending on one's personal needs and lifestyle. 

On this blog, I'll be sharing you three (3) reasons why men should buy better underwear.

1. Supportability

Your underwear should make you feel comfortable, confident and well-supported. Men who have an active lifestyle should go for briefs, as support won’t be an issue. Cotton or synthetic blends are okay for everyday wear. If you have more of a relaxed lifestyle, you can go for boxers. 

When working out, you should always make sure you wear a pair of undies made from a moisture-wicking fabric, such as a cotton-spandex blend. You can also use performance underwear which provides support for your private parts during demanding athletic exercise.

2. Comfort

Many guys don’t even know what comfort is until they buy a better pair of underwear. Exercising in tight, sweaty leggings or shorts can encourage bacterial growth. But wearing the proper sports underwear can help keep that area clean, dry, and more comfortable so you can work out longer. 

3. Cost

A great pair of underwear might cost more than a pack of three poor-quality undergarments, but it is an investment that is really worth it. Go for a brand that uses top-of-the-line, cutting-edge technology and the finest materials in making its products. 

I am pleased to share with you that Hanford, the premiere underwear brand in the Philippines since 1954, joins Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival Sale happening until May 5, 2021. Score big discounts and good deals all through out the sale period.

Here's my Top 5 Hanford items for you to consider.

1.Hanford Athletic Mens Compression Knee Length

This compression shorts from Hanford have a very comfortable stretch fabric that moves with you while you work out and still retains shape. 

Perfect for workouts! 

Selling at 309 php per piece from 360 to 378 php during the 5.5 Sale.

 2. Hanford Mens Regular Briefs OG Prime

Hanford Mens REGULAR briefs uses FINE PREMIUM COTTON YARN that gives you the right support and comfort that you deserve. Fabric is single knitted/jersey. This style has no fly opening. 

Selling at 85 to 95 php per piece from 140 to 150 php.

3. Hanford Mens Low Rise Briefs OG Maxx 

Hanford Mens LOW RISE briefs uses FINE PREMIUM COTTON YARN that gives you the right support and comfort that you deserve. Experience ease of movement with its breathable material. 

Selling at 85 php per piece from 140 php.

4. Hanford iCE Mens Viscose w/ Spandex Boxer Briefs

Hanford Ice boxer briefs is made of viscose with spandex, which is soft and smooth to touch, fabric is stretchable and breathable too. This underwear provides lightweight comfort and does provide the right support and fits your body well.  

Selling at 198 php per piece from 330 php during the 5.5 Sale.

5. Hanford Mens R-Neck Modern Fit Short Sleeves Shirt

This Hanford modern fit R-neck shirt is made of light weight cotton jersey that feels light on your skin. Its made for comfort with quality fabric. 

Loving how comfortable it is and fits nicely.

Selling at 199 php per piece from 330 php.

So what are you waiting for? Get up to 50% off at Hanford's Shopee StoreAdd to cart and check that out now! :) Until next time.

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