#MusicPH - Nicole Asensio's Newest Song Christmas Without You!

 "Christmas Without You” is a simple song with a soulful blend of intimate memories, raw, honest vocals, rich brassy sound and a simple story of love and hope built to outlast distance and all the challenges life brings forth most especially during these trying times. 

Set to be released by November 26, 2021 via Spotify and other digital platforms, Nicole Asensio shares the creative process of how she and her team come up with this yet another touching and heartfelt masterpiece. 

According to Nicole, she began humming a melody and out came the first verse. She started watching Christmas movies on Netflix in hopes of drawing lyrical inspiration. A day later she had my first draft of the song lyrics and melody. It was also at this point in time that she started working with a young Dumaguete- based Nigerian songwriter named Sam Akins on a few other music projects. She then decided to give Sam a zoom call so she could get his creative opinion on the song. Together they made a few lyrical adjustments. Nicole was also unsure about how to end the song at that point so she passed him a rough phone-recorded demo and he tried singing some lines as he would, stylistically. 

She loved what he had done when he sang it, so she decided to keep the soulful flavour in the coda of the song. Thematically, Nicole wanted the song to traverse from having the persona alone in present day to plunging into her memories with her lover. Hence, a musical shift of sorts was in order.

It became about a couple saying their sweet goodbyes and exchanging well wishes as one of them needs to leave to work abroad to support their loved one. The characters continue to find ways to remain hopeful during the holiday season, even if they are separated from one another. It is through the little holiday rituals they once shared, that the memory of one another comes alive, and they are renewed by the thought of being together again in due time. 

This kind of story is not unique to Nicole. In fact, social media feeds alone will tell you that there is a common ache of loss that threads us all to one another, there are those who have been given early tickets to paradise, there are relationships stretched over miles but still, life goes on. But through it, there is a new kind of love, one strengthened by faith. 

 "Christmas Without You” is another Nicole Asensio original produced by Ira Cruz and herself. Michael Guevarra, and Ira Cruz helped with the musical arrangement. This is distributed by Warner Music Philippines.

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