#FinancePH - 5 Reasons You Should Open a Maya Time Deposit Plus Account Today

With the help of Maya, the top digital bank in the Philippines, explore the world of time deposits with confidence. Introducing Maya Time Deposit Plus, the perfect place to start when you want to make your savings goals come true. Here are five reasons to open a Time Deposit Plus account and discover why this new feature stands out from the crowd:

1. Earn up to 6% interest p.a. monthly

Watch your savings grow with interest rates of up to 6% p.a. Manage up to five Time Deposit Plus accounts, each with a maximum balance of PHP1 million, totaling PHP5 million, and enjoy the convenience of having interest credited monthly directly into your accounts.  

2. Your Goals, Your Timeline

Maya understands that your financial goals are as unique as you are. That’s why we’ve created Time Deposit Plus to be as flexible as you need it to be. Unlike anything in the market, this feature empowers users to set a target amount and strategically accumulate savings to reach it. It's designed for all, whether starting with a large sum or growing savings bit by bit.  

Here's how it works: Begin by opening an account and personalizing your account name – be as creative as you want for whatever you're setting this account up for – and setting your target savings amount and preferred term, whether it’s three months at 5.50% p.a., six months at 6.00% p.a., or 12 months at 5.75% p.a. Then, deposit funds at your own pace. 

3. Flexibility redefined

Life is unpredictable, and Maya Time Deposit Plus seamlessly adapts to the twists and turns. Easily top up your account from your Maya Wallet, Maya Savings, or through other bank transfers, providing you with convenience at your fingertips. And in the event of unexpected changes, fear not – minimal cancellation fees grant you the freedom to cancel or withdraw your funds before maturity. 

4. Start with as little as Php 5,000

You can now step into the world of Time Deposits with just a minimum target amount of PHP 5,000. If you have extra budget, easily add to your Time Deposit Plus account with as little as Php 1 - possibly the lowest barrier to entry in the market – and work your way up to your target amount anytime. 

5. Your Money, Your Way. *wink*

Embrace the mantra of Maya: "My Money, My Bank, My Way." Utilize the earnings from your Time Deposit Plus accounts to amplify your savings potential with Maya Savings and Personal Goals, or explore reinvesting in Maya Funds, Stocks, or Crypto. Every interaction within the app not only enriches your financial profile but also unlocks new opportunities for growth and access to loans.

And here’s the exciting part: to make saving up for your dreams even more rewarding, Maya has introduced a unique motivational tool – badges. Earn badges as you progress towards your target amount and term, and conveniently track your savings journey and develop a healthy saving habit with Maya.

Ready to transform your savings game with Maya Time Deposit Plus? Open a Time Deposit Plus account today and experience the flexibility of depositing anytime while earning high interest on your savings – whether you’re just starting out or seeking to manage your funds more efficiently. For more information, visit maya.ph and mayabank.ph and stay updated by following @mayaiseverything on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

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