#TheaterPH - Dive into the Darkly Delightful World of Little Shop of Horrors!

If you’re looking for a theatrical experience that combines humor, horror, and a touch of the bizarre, then Little Shop of Horrors is the musical for you! Running from July 6 to 28, 2024, at the Globe Auditorium, Maybank Performing Arts Theater, BGC, this production promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions and entertainment.

A Twisted Tale of Love and Greed

Little Shop of Horrors tells the story of Seymour Krelborn, a meek floral assistant who discovers a strange and exotic plant with a sinister secret. Named Audrey II, this plant isn’t content with sunlight and water—it craves human blood! As Audrey II grows, so does Seymour’s dilemma: how far will he go to achieve his dreams of fame, fortune, and love?

Why You Shouldn’t Miss It

Unique Storyline: This isn’t your typical musical. The blend of dark comedy and horror creates a unique narrative that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Memorable Music: With catchy tunes like “Suddenly, Seymour” and “Feed Me (Git It),” you’ll find yourself humming long after the curtain falls.

Stellar Performances: The cast brings their A-game, delivering performances that are both hilarious and heart-wrenching.

Visual Spectacle: The set design and special effects, especially Audrey II’s transformations, are nothing short of spectacular.

My Experience

Attending Little Shop of Horrors was like stepping into a quirky, offbeat world where the unexpected is the norm. The Globe Auditorium’s intimate setting made me feel like I was part of the story, experiencing every twist and turn alongside Seymour and Audrey. The chemistry between the actors was palpable, and Audrey II’s puppetry was a show-stealer! Cannot share more about Audrey II's development and growth because it will spoil the fun. It's a MUST NOT MISS! 

Everyone from the cast delivered. The URCHINS (Abi Sulit, Paula Paguio and Julia Serad) were PITCH PERFECT. Felt like they were competing internationally with their harmony and synchronicity. The show sounded better because of them. Markki Stroem's many characters gave him versatility and range. I was impressed with his characterization and quick change. Karylle and Nyoy Volanter were in their element. You know you're in for treat with these two. OJ Mariano's performance as Audrey II is nothing short of mesmerizing. This carnivorous plant is brought to life through a combination of incredible puppetry and voice acting, creating a character that’s both terrifying and oddly charismatic.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a fan of musicals, horror, or just looking for a unique night out, Little Shop of Horrors is a must-see. It’s a perfect blend of humor, horror, and heart, making it a memorable experience for all.

So, what are you waiting for? Secure your spot in this bloodthirsty musical comedy! Grab your tickets via Ticketworld and prepare for a night of twisted fun. 

Have you seen Little Shop of Horrors before, or is this your first time? What are you most excited about?

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