NEWS: The Big Blog Exchange Contest: I NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

The Big Blog Exchange offers a new once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to any blogger who would like to share and be informed about what goes on in various places. Whether the country in question is in Latin America, Europe or Asia, surely there is something just waiting to be found and shared with the rest of the world. With the help of Hostelling International, 16 passionate bloggers will get to have an experience of a lifetime, exchanging blogs, cultures and places in real life.

I know I'm a newbie in blogging but having that strong passion for discovery, I think there's no such thing as professional blogger. We all know that as bloggers, we have the same goal to inspire and touch other's lives through our entries.

I blogged almost about everything. Everything -- covering Arts, Culture & EntertainmentTechnology, Gadgets & AccesoriesTravel & LeisureWellness, Sports & Outdoors, and Food Trip. But even though I have random things to say about random happenings around me, I have the following topics that's very close to my heart:

* Philippine Independent Film
* Philippine Culture
* Feminism
* Technology and Gadget Trends
* Running - Marathons

I want to WIN this UNIQUE opportunity to travel, exchange blogs, lives, places and cultures for 10 days because I have that strong passion for DISCOVERY. I am hungry for KNOWLEDGE that I can gain through EXPERIENCES. I want to touch people's lives one step at a time, in my own little ways. I want to inspire them through my blog entries and to let them know my point of views anything under the sun. Sharing my thoughts with my readers give me a sense of freedom to have that opportunity to be part of their lives. Having their feedback let me feel that we have connected and therefore exchanging of ideas will come to life. I want to represent also those people who are still a newbie in blogging and want them to know that it's possible to be part of almost an 'impossible dream'. If I'll be given a chance to be part of this once in a lifetime experience, I will forever share whatever experiences I'll gain from it to my family, friends, relatives, acquaintances etc. I'm proud to be a Filipino, a blogger, a social media evangelist and advocate.
Help me to be part of this wonderful experience! :)

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    Thank you!

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