POV: A Not So Important Cinemalaya 2013 Review!

as of August 04, 2013

MY Cinemalaya 2013 ranking!

After watching  25 out of 25 entries for the 9th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival, here's my ranking based on its depth, originality, cinematography, sound engineering, editing and over all impact (1 being the highest):

For the Director's Showcase 

  1. Ekstra
  2. Sana Dati
  3. Liars
  4. Amor Y Muerte
  5. Porno

For the New Breed Full-Length Category

  1. Transit
  2. Babagwa
  3. Purok 7
  4. Instant Mommy
  5. The Diplomat Hotel
  6. Quick Change
  7. Rekorder
  8. Nuwebe
  9. David F
  10. Debosyon

New Breed Shorts Category

  1. Onang
  2. Taya
  3. Pukpok
  4. My Houseband's Wife
  5. Missing
  6. Ang Huling Labok
  7. Para Kay Ama
  8. Tutob
  9. Sa Wakas
  10. Bakaw

Decided to have my own list of awards for this year. You can agree or disagree. We all have our own tastes. :)

New Breed Shorts
Best Screenplay: Taya 
Best Direction: J.E. Tiglao - Onang
Best Film: Onang

New Breed Full-Length
Best Sound: Rekorder
Best Original Music Score: Transit
Best Editing: Transit
Best Production Design: Quick Change
Best Cinematography: Nuwebe
Best Performance of a Supporting Actor: Joey Paras - Babagwa
Best Performance of a Supporting Actress: Mercedes Cabral - Transit 
Best Direction: Hannah Espia - Transit
Best Performance of an Actor: Ronnie Quizon - Rekorder
Best Performance of an Actress: Eugene Domingo - Instant Mommy
Best Film: Transist

Directors Showcase
Best Sound: Porno
Best Original Music Score: Sana Dati
Best Editing: Porno
Best Production Design: Amor Y Muerte 
Best Cinematography: Sana Dati 
Best Screenplay: Ekstra
Best Performance of a Supporting Actor: Benjamin Alves - Sana Dati
Best Performance of a Supporting Actress: Cherrie Gil - Ekstra
Best Direction: Jeffrey Jetturian - Ekstra
Best Performance of an Actor: Paolo Avelino - Sana Dati
Best Performance of an Actress: Vilma Santos - Ekstra
Best Film: Ekstra



New Breed Shorts

  • Onang
    • Very tragic. Shots were very enticing to the eyes. Eye opener. Abuse. Haunting.
  • Taya
    • Brings back the childhood memory of 90's kids/ under privileged kids through games. Great relation between demolition and street games. 
  • Pukpok
    • Importance of circumcision in the Philippines. Show the masculinity and male dominance.
  • My Houseband's Wife
    • Long Distance Relationship. Infidelity. Comedic.
  • Missing
    • Cases of force disappearances in the country. Searching for closure. Finding the missing piece.
  • Ang Huling Labok
    • Struggle of fishermen against haulers. Relation with faith and fate.
  • Para Kay Ama
    • Reflects the differences between Chinese and Filipino cultures. Others may find it a lil' racist
  • Tutob
    • Stereotypical views about our brothers and sisters in Mindanao.
  • Sa Wakas
    • Tragic abortion. Fatherly love. 
  • Bakaw
    • Exposes Child Labor

New Breed Full-Length

  • Transit
    • Beautifully done. Storyline was very interesting. Good editing and sound. The character who played Joshua was really really good. A breakthrough performance from Jasmine Curtis Smith. The cast gave justice to every role in the film.
  • Purok 7
    • Very touching. With a lot of Kilig Moments from the crowd. Very rural. Good editing and cinematography. Showing the simplicity of life. Struggle of longing.
  • Babagwa
    • Great use of suspense. Really not so predictable on some parts. Love sometimes can really get us blinded. Karma si a bitch. Very believable performance from Joey Paras.
  • Instant Mommy
    • I like the screen play and how the director plays with the audience through scenes that the viewers have predicted but didn't happen. It's quite 'bitin' but i guess it's a planned. A roller coaster ride of emotions. Another stellar perfomance from Ms. Eugene Domingo.
  • Quick Change
    • A tale of transgenders in the Philippines. Science as their fountain of youth. Gay love. Illegal transactions. Stereotyped society.
  • The Diplomat Hotel
    • Great use of lights and sound. Gave me chills while watching. Psychotic attack. 
  • Nuwebe
    • Great acting from the lead cast who played the 9 year old mother. Looking for other people who can play the father and mother role since the set up was very rural. Some dialogues were in English which made the film quite unbelievable despite the very interesting content and topic.
  • Rekorder
    • Dark. Psychotic attack. Great sound engineering.
  • David F
    • Story about Amerasians and their struggles in life. With a historical attack.
  • Debosyon
    • I like the struggling scene of Paolo Avelino during the procession. Great music engineering by the Philharmonic Orchestra. Mystical.
Directors Showcase
  • Ekstra
    • Life behind the camera. The feeling of being important. Dream of stardom. Light
      and comedic. Great script and story line.
  • Sana Dati
    • Light but very heartfelt. I really like the story line and color. Quite tragic.
  • Liars
    • It's not important if you win or lose, what important is how you played the game. You'll never enjoy what you have, if you get it by stepping on others.
  • Amor y Muerte
    • Kind of film which I can recommend for a college history class. Althea Vega gave justice to her role. 
  • Porno
    • shows how pornography can corrupt ones mind. Lustfully done and quite visual. 

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