#EXPERIENCE: Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties - Market Market Branch

I've got a chance to review Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties located at the 5th floor of Market Market Mall in Taguig City. I'm very much excited to share with you my experience both with service and the food they're offering.

Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties carries the fast-selling freshly baked Jamaican Patties and the complimentary special blend of great tasting drinks. Enjoyed and frequented by food enthusiasts, students, teenagers, working people and parents, Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties has become a favorite of all who have tried it.

Very accomodating staff.

Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties are meaty filling Jamaican snacks that are made from very high quality ingredients. Its crust is unique and has a different flakiness that literally melts in one’s mouth. The filings are made from unique special Jamaican recipes that truly make it superb. Fillings are meat (beef or chicken or tuna or other seafood) or vegetable, seasoned with exotic spices and wrapped in dough and baked to perfection.

Beef Jerky!

Cheeze Burst Royale

Tuna Royale

Since the time it opened 7 years ago, Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties has fast become a favorite of all who have tried it. It has grown to many outlets within and outside of Metro Manila.

Forgive me, I can't resist to munch on these patties. :))

Perfectly blended tea. :)

Trivia: Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties is not fried but baked. Cooked to perfection, it has to stay at least an hour in the oven!

removed from the fridge.

carefully laid out to a baking pan

charan! the finished product! ENJOY WHILE IT'S HOT!

Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties is a must try in Market Market, Taguig City! Great to pair up with an awesome movie and laughtrip conversation with friends. OHOHLEO recommends!

For more information about Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties , you can visit http://www.royalcaribbean.com.ph/. Special thanks to Kristine Raymundo, Aldrin John Bendo, Margaret Gomez and Brian Macasa! :)

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