Debunking Motel Myths in the Philippines!

Maybe you're curious about my topic for this blogpost or maybe you're just considering for an adventure in a motel and the search engine leads you to this. Well, before I start sharing with you motel myths, let us define first what motel is. According to Wikipedia, a motor hotel (shortened to motel) is a hotel designed for motorists, and usually has a parking area for motor vehicles. On the other hand, motel in the Philippine context, is a place where people usually spend very private and intimate moments.

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According to Dennis Villegas' blogpost, the transformation of motels from simple lodging houses to private venues to conduct illicit sexual affairs became complete in the 1960s. A popular joke back then was a question of the difference between a hotel and a motel. The answer was "Ang hotel ay tirahan ng mag-asawa, samantalang ang motel ay tira-han ng mag-syota (Hotels are where married couples live, while motels are where boyfriends and girlfriends stay)." 

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Image of motel in the Philippines are now changing as they introduced innovative ideas such as party packages and the like. It's a ground breaking decision for certain motels to have different target market given the image it has created and the stigma. Let's now debunked those motel myths now. :) 

MYTH: Motels are busiest late at night and in the wee hours of the morning.

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Well contrary to popular belief, most of motel's peak hours are not late at night but between 9 in the morning until 10 in the evening respectively. After 10pm, the number of check-ins dwindle. The busiest hours are during lunchtime. Can you believe that? Business people ranging from managers, employees and clients check in to spend their lunch time for their "special business meetings" in the privacy of work-conducive motel rooms.

MYTH: Most motel patrons are dirty old men.

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Ageing men's libido is not as impressive as it was during the 60s where they had the stamina of bulls as per my research. Most of the patrons who go in and out of their premises ranges from 20 to 30 years old, the yuppies. But of course, there's still clients coming from the same old market.

MYTH: Motels only allow one couple to check in per motel suite.

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Some motels implement this but not all having the two-person-per-room-policy. Other motels also don't allow same sex couples to check in.  Other motels allow 3 to 4 people depending on the size and the intention. As shared above, other motel suites has the capacity to host parties and the like. Another exception is when family checks into a motel.

MYTH: Motels have special menus for "extra service."

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It's true that motels have special menus available for food and amenities but not with 'extra service'. Massage offerings in motel are purely clean. Managers always emphasize that their establishments are not brothels and that they do not condone any form of in-house prostitution. Members of the staff who are caught behaving against the policy will have disciplinary action in return since it's strictly prohibited.

MYTH: Fire escapes are placed near motel bathrooms for a quick means of escape in case of the appearance of angry spouses or police raids.

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Well, blame this to Pinoy movies as they always portray scenes like this. Fire escapes are positioned accordingly depending on the motel's design. It is a policy that there should be fire escape outside each room not for a quick escape but for legitimate emergencies. 

MYTH: Motel food is unsafe and unpalatable.

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World-class cuisine. It is a bragging right from any of the motel chains in the metro, but are their food offerings really live up with what they're claiming? Take for example Victoria Court's award winning dishes. They just beat other five star hotels such as Resorts World Manila, Raffles & Fairmont Makati, Marriot Hotel Manila and many more to the recently concluded 2014 Philippine Culinary Cup. Need I say more? I visit Victoria Court branches every time I would like to have a gastronomical experience.  

MYTH: Motels are packed in February 13 or 15 and December 24 or 26.

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As society dictates, there's such term as "mistress date" and it has been commonly assumed that motels are fully booked during the days that precedes special occasions like Valentine's Day and Christmas Day. Well, other hotels have a low sales volume during February while number of guests spikes up from December 20 to New Year's eve.

MYTH: Motel rooms are rigged with hidden cameras and one-way mirrors.

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With a lot of sex scandals may it be hidden or not nowadays, people are afraid to be part of the 'trend'. Placing hidden cameras on room is of course a direct violation of right to privacy and a serious criminal offense. Established motels will not ever do that specially if privacy is one of the values of the property. Cameras still present in the vicinity though like hallways and reception area which help the motel owners to track 'takas guest' or those clients who checked out without paying the bill.

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I guess, that's it for now. If you're still undecided to check in and have an awesome experience in a motel, you need not to think over and over again. Just make sure that your FIRST experience will be in a established one for you to have a great stay. Motel is just a low budget hotel. 

You can watch more debunked motel myths through the video below:

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