#TheaterPH - 7 Reasons Why You MUST Watch Red Turnip Theater’s Time Stands Still!

Weeks after watching Time Stands Still, it kept me thinking on how I will share this awesome production to you, my readers and convince you to actually buy tickets and experience the roller coaster ride of emotions. This is not, in any way, a paid post so I can share to you the most honest reasons why you MUST watch Red Turnip Theater’s Time Stands Still.

1. The Material

Time Stands Still is written by Pulitzer Prize winner Donald Margulies. It was nominated for two (2) Tony Awards for Best Play and Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play for Laura Linney.

2. The setting

You’ll be amazed on how the set design conspired and complimented with sound and lights engineering. Thanks to the bright minds of Marta Lovina, Denis Lagdameo, Toni Munoz and John Batalla. The usage of digital images from acclaimed photojournalist Rem Zamora added a visual twist to the play.

3. It’s a Red Turnip Theater Production

Come on! It’s from Red Turnip Theater so why have doubts watching this piece? Red Turnip Theater although new in the scene delivers a vibrant colour to Philippine theater. Influence might be too foreign but it’s time also to educate and share to Filipino audience pieces like Rabbit Hole, Cock etc. Founded by great and passionate artists, Red Turnip Theater will always bring something interesting to the table and that’s for sure!

4. Brilliant and Caliber Cast

Anna Abad Santos and Nonnie Buencamino being a powerhouse in the industry gave justice to the critical and delicate role of Sarah and James. Nonnie being an award winning character actor gave a new light as he portrayed a loving and understanding partner. Anna on the other hand showed extreme emotion as she shares to the audience what it was like to hold it all together after a traumatizing experience. This will more make sense after you watch the play! Be ready for a roller coaster ride of emotions.

5. Giannina Ocampo

Giannina Ocampo is gorgeous! It’s my first time to see her on theater and I was impressed. Her character Mandy serves as the voice of reason, the representation of normality and someone who is innocent with genuine compassion. She just shines all throughout. Wait for the scene where she gave her piece of advice to Sarah. It’s ‘tagos to the bones’.

6. Relationship vs. Passion

It will always come to our lives that we need to choose between things we love to have and thing we love to do. There will always be trade off. As the saying goes, “You can’t really have the BEST of both worlds.” It will depend on one’s priorities in life. Time Stands Still will be a question of what will YOU pursue. Career or Relationship? It’s for you to find out what the characters will choose.

7. Drinking Spree


Since the play has a strong foreign influence, drinking is definitely allowed. Red Turnip Theater, together with their sponsors, lets audience drink before, during and after the play. We know that creativity flourish after having some drinks. So, go ahead and help yourselves to extract those creative juices within. Be sure to stay after the production as point of views will come from different angles on how each one interprets this awesome play.

For play dates and ticket information, you refer to this link: more about Red Turnip Theater's TIME STANDS STILL

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  1. Wow, thanks for sharing these awesome reasons to watch Time Stands Still. You convinced me maybe because of the drinking spree factor. Wahaha!

  2. Oooohhh... I saw the New York play being featured somewhere before. It's great that they have made an adaptation here.

  3. Giannina looks beautiful on picture so I'm sure she looks much better in person. And it was cold that you can drink beer during the play ^^

  4. I've got to admire the last thing you pointed out there. Drinking (well, the typical, ya know) whole the play actually sounds new to me (considering it's a theatrical one). And I'll give a HELL YEAH as an agreement to the statement "We know that creativity flourish after having some drinks. So, go ahead and help yourselves to extract those creative juices within." Speaking through experience.

  5. I would love to watch this. Noni Buencamino is one of our country's best actors.


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