#UPNorth Series: 7 Things I Love About Azalea Residences – Baguio

Welcome to Azalea Residences Baguio.

Being in the metro for almost every day keeps one immune with all the noise, pollution, traffic, work related stress and personal inconveniences to name a few. That is why going out-of-town, having a weekend getaway or even on a short weekday trip becomes more prevalent nowadays. Everyone wants to escape the bustling sound of the city to a more chill and laidback countryside. That is why I am creating this blog post for you to consider a holiday haven for your next family fun or group getaway in a beautiful city up north, Baguio.

Here are the things I love about Azalea Residences – Baguio:

1. Prime Location and Great Accessibility

Impressive exteriors.

Azalea Residences Baguio (ARBa) is located along Leonard Wood Loop, a street infront of Teachers Camp. Because of the narrow uphill street, no one will assume of what lies ahead. At the end of the road is an astonishing deluxe serviced apartment with 99 modern luxury suites complete with kitchen, living and bedroom areas. This place is first in Baguio City, where one can enjoy their stay with these full services and amenities in an upscale serviced apartment.

2. Classy and Cozy Hotel Apartment Vibe

Our room falls under Deluxe with Back-view Balcony.

ARBa is not your ordinary hotel. You can choose from 5 room categories namely Deluxe with Front – view Balcony, Deluxe with Window only, Deluxe with Back-view Balcony, Deluxe Center Rooms and Deluxe Loft. Each room is equipped with LCD TV with DVD Player, Cable Channel, Convertible Sofa Bed and Analog Telephone. 

1st Room in our Deluxe Room.

Also, they have other facilities and services such as function Halls and Meeting Rooms, Three (3) Levels of basement parking, Handicapped Accessible Rooms, Spa & Massage Services, Souvenir Shop, Driver’s Quarters, Complimentary Wi-Fi access, Travel and Vacation Concierge, Valet Parking and Car Hire, Laundry, Pressing and Dry Cleaning Services, Private Car and Taxi Cab Arrangement, Daily Local Newspaper, 24 hour Medical Service Assistance, etc. It seems like everything is here right?

Convertible sofa bed.

All White. I love how clean their bathrooms are. Thumbs up!

3. Cook at Your Own Risk

This is my SPOT!

I love to cook! After seeing the complete Kitchen and Dining area, it made my eyes glistened. Each fully furnished rooms has electric cooktops with range hoods, microwave oven, rice cooker, refrigerator, electric water kettle, dinnerware set, silverware set, pots and pans. I was able to make a caramelized mango dressing for our Toss a Salad Challenge which I will share to you on the upcoming blog posts. 

Complete glass and silverwares. :)

This is perfect for budget conscious groups who love to squeeze in expenses by having meals home cooked.

4. Personalized Service


Each room has greetings on the bed or on the table which made me feel really welcomed. Every time we go back to our rooms after an activity, there’s a note and sort of a complimentary rewards for performing a well done job.

5. Kiddie Playground

Unleash the CHILD in you!

Not all hotels have this feature especially in Baguio. Since ARBa is a family friendly type of hotel, they mount a pocket play area where children can enjoy the fresh air of the mountains while having fun outside.

I will not let the opportunity pass. I will PLAY! :)
 I myself enjoyed this facility which brings back a lot of my childhood memories.

6. 8 Degrees Bar Lounge

Welcome drinks with blogger friend #DangMusings
This bar has been entitled 8 degrees because Baguio is always 8 degrees cooler than the lowlands. This bar can host up to 20 persons and one can enjoy appetizers, light snacks, coffee or even alcoholic beverage for a night cap. Lounge is open from 6 am to 10pm daily.


I like to spend my nights here. Wine? Sure!

7. Tradisyon Pinoy Comfort Food

Search for the best food in town is never been too far from the hotel. ARBa boasts its in-house restaurant which features different cuisine every day. Everything is fresh and natural here. 

I love the ambiance.

Tradisyon is open from 6am to 10 pm and can accommodate up to 70 persons. Here are my food shots during my stay:

#TradisyonLunch: Boneless Chicken Inasal.

#TradisyonLunch: Stir Fried Squid

#TradisyonLunch: Sinigang na Baboy

#TradisyonLunch: Azalea's Signatured Kare-Kare.

#TradisyonLunch:; Making sure that I'll taste them all. :)

#TradisyonLunch: Strawberry Carrot Cupcake.

#TradisyonDinner: Chicago Meatlovers

#TradisyonDinner: Caesar Salad

#TradisyonDinner: Spaghetti Bolognese

#TradisyonDinner: Freshly baked bread rolls.

#TradisyonDinner: Southern Fried Chicken

#TradisyonDinner: Dark Chocolate Strawberry cupcakes for dessert. :)

I really enjoyed my stay in ARBa and will surely recommend to my friends and relatives. When in Azalea Residences Baguio, staying indoors is as much as fun as the outdoors.

Azalea Residences Baguio is part of Azalea Hotels and Restaurants. To know more about their rates and other offerings, you may check www.azaleabaguio.com for more details.

Have you been here? Share your experiences on the comment section. J

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  1. It looks like you had a really good time! Very nice food shots :)

  2. Thank you! I really had a great time during my stay. Yummy treats await to those who will visit Tradisyon Pinoy Comfort Food and 8 Degrees Bar Lounge. :)

  3. It looks like you really did enjoyed your stay there. All in all they have a complete set of everything that you will need.

    1. You are right. Azalea Residences Baguio has the complete set of everything. :)

    2. You are right. Azalea Residences Baguio has the complete set of everything. :)

  4. Ive read good reviews about Azalea and this one is a promising entry. Love the comfy room, it was homey... And the food was all tempting! Will bookmark this for future reference..thanks for sharing!

    1. My pleasure Elizabeth. Hope to hear your experience soon.

  5. It looks like a great place to spend the weekend, especially if you have children. It's important to be able to keep them entertained while the parents relax. Do they also have a supervisor for the playground?

    1. Very cool right? They don't have someone who supervise the playground.

  6. It's nice to hear that the hotel is kid friendly. There are a lot of cheaper transient houses in Baguio, but when you have kids with you, you consider their comfort and safety first.

    1. Safety of our loved ones should always come first. ARBa doesn't only make you and your family comfortable but safe and secure. I usually go to a place where I know I am safe than to a cheaper one but my life would be at risk.

  7. The bed looks comfy, and nice to have a fully equipped kitchen. It's a family friendly hotel and sounds like budget-friendly, too. Which is what most travellers like me would love to know. Thanks for sharing your review!

    1. My pleasure Adel. Truly, beds are really comfy. During my stay, I always look forward every night to cuddle with my bed. Hahaha

  8. Nakakagutom! The place looks really nice! I will check it out pag pumunta ulit kami sa Baguio! :)

  9. You mentioned that every time you go back to your room, there is a note and sort of a complimentary rewards for performing a job well done. I'm curious how they know what activities you did? And what are the complimentary rewards that your receive?

    And the 8 degrees name for their lounge is seriously cool. I also want to try their Dark Chocolate Strawberry cupcakes :) How was it?

    1. Hello Yogo and Cream,

      Azalea Residences Baguio arranged our 3 day trip. If you chose to book rooms with them, you can also coordinate the spots you want to visit when you're in Baguio or other nearby tourist sites. I received chocolates, personalized notes and strawberry dipped in dark chocolate.

      I highly recommend their Dark Chocolate Strawberry cupcakes and Hot Choco. Perfect!

      Thanks for dropping by my site.

  10. It's been years since I went to Baguio. I want to visit soon because of the heat :( Looks like you really had fun though. Also love the fact that they have a playground :)

    1. Baguio is always on my list to unwind and a go to place tp escape the bustling busy streets of the city.

  11. The place looks perfect and cozy even for big groups so pwede magouting. Huhu. Sarap magBaguio ulit. Will check this out. Thanks! :)

    1. Yes Melissa, their rooms are so big kaya perfect for family and friends. :)

  12. Whenever we visit Baguio we always look for a transient house for us to feel like we are still home. But gosh! It looks great, will definitely tried that place soon.

  13. I hope you also provided the price for each room and contact details, it'll help when planning a trip :) - Sonnie

    1. Hello Sonnie, you may visit their website for more details.

  14. It so great to know that the hotel is a kid friendly one. As a mom, That's on top of my requirement cause its really hard travelling with kids. You just got to be sure of their safety all the time.


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