#TheaterPH - Tanghalang Ateneo's 39th Season Ender - Lysistrata Ng Bakwit

Tanghalang Ateneo, the longest-running theater company in the Loyola Schools of the Ateneo de Manila University, closes its 39th Season: Performing Change with a modern adaptation of Aristophanes’ Greek classic, Lysistrata, directed by Ricardo Abad. 

“Lysistrata ng Bakwit” the adaptation draws inspiration from the current issues and displacement of featured in the city of Marawi, revealing the distressing situation of the evacuees as families are forced away from their homes due to being in close proximity to the recurring territorial clan wars.

Set in an imaginary war-torn Philippine province, “Lysistrata ng Bakwit” follows the revolt of women bakwit, or evacuees, as they take a stand in the ‘men’s world’ of ensuing wars concerning ancestral land, familial ties, and tribal disputes. Days away from being sent back to their relocation areas, Lysistrata urges the women of the bakwit from two rival tribes, to get together in a resolution to withhold sex from their partners in protest to the war time-peace time cycle that they face almost every year. 

The women, in response to the coming peacetime, build a peaceful community inside the evacuation center to prove that it is possible to attain unity and peace without the interference of external forces. The men, distraught over their separation from their wives, eventually succumb to Lysistrata’s conditions for peace which requires them to negotiate with the opposing clan and end the painful sentence of chastity by settling a peace treaty once and for all.

Chase Salazar alternates with Sabrina Basilio as Lysistrata, the defiant Kapitana who mobilizes the women of the bakwit, seeking to bring peace to their province through her own methods.

Blanche Buhia alternates with CJ Lubangco as Mayet, one of the many wives left behind at the evacuation center due to the recurring clan wars.

Rina Reinoso alternates with Bianca Bautista as Kayla, a haughty housewife struggling with the lack of sex with his husband like the rest of the women in the evacuation center. 

Camille Abaya alternates with Bea Racoma as Lotlot, a fellow Kapitana who bands together with Lysistrata in leading the women to their rally of sexual abstinence.

Cholo Ledesma alternates with Earvin Estioco as the duo of Carding and Caloy, the husbands of Kayla and Mayet who get tangled into the issue of tribal dispute in order to please their wives.

Arsenio Armas plays Kumander Taguilid, the clan leader of the rebel forces who have been in conflict with the Lagutins for generations.

Gabo Tolentino plays Kumander Lagutin, the clan leader of the government allied forces seeking to defend their land from the Taguilids.

Andre Alcantara alternates with John Sanchez as Vice Mayor, the government official tasked to contain and disperse the threat of Lysistrata’s rally.

SP Baldemeca plays Mang Endong, an elderly husband caught in the rally by having her wife recruited into Lysistrata’s rally.

Iman Ampatuan plays Nanay Menggay, a member of the women elderly who fully supports Lysistrata’s rally towards peace. 

Tanghalang Ateneo’s ensemble of actors and actresses complete the cast as the chorus of men and women.

The artistic team of Lysistrata ng Bakwit is composed of Tanghalang Ateneo Artistic Director and Moderator Glenn Sevilla Mas, Ricardo Abad (Director), Nicolo Ricardo Magno together with Royliten bin Robert and Alizan bin Alamat (Choreography), Charles Yee (Set Design), Ara Fernando (Costume Design), D Cortezano (Lights Design), Jayson Gildore at ng Pintig (Sound and Music Design), and Ange Espiritu, Pops Panganiban, and Jeanine Rojo (Graphics Design). 

The playdates of Lysistrata ng Bakwit are April 17-21, 23-28, and May 1-5. Performances start at 7:30PM, Saturday and Sunday matinee shows start at 2:30PM, Performance venue is the Ateneo de Manila’s Areté Arts Wing, The Doreen Black Box Theater. 

For questions and additional details about the show, please contact Nina Calupitan at 09214717960.

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