#TechPH - Lessons From Teaching How To Use GCash!

Celebrating World Teachers Day last Oct. 5 reminded me of the many heroic teachers I’ve known in my life. One teacher crossed my mind this past week because of her devotion to her family and her joy at discovering the simplest things.

She has been working in Batangas for over a decade. After moving from one school to another a few times over employment woes, she found a great public school to teach in Manila two years ago, where I met her through volunteer work. According to her, local government treats teachers well and most of the students are kind. 

Being surrounded by kids helped her deal with living solo in Manila away from her family. While they’re only a bus ride away, she preferred to send them money instead of spending it for transportation. 

However, this could be challenging when she receives reports from back home that her kids are sick, or her siblings are having difficulties in school, and she couldn’t help them because she’s away. She becomes even more conscientious about every peso she's spending. She avoids even the smallest unnecessary expense.

During one of my oculars, she complained to me one time how the bank charges are such a waste of money. It’s P50 for every bank transfer, an amount that can cover her prepaid load or jeepney fare. Depositors should not have to pay extra for using bank transfers, she said—and I completely agree with her. 

And so, I decided to teach her to use GCash, which apparently she has heard about from her students. I introduced her to the concept of a mobile wallet, which acts like a real wallet, except it’s in your phone and you can use it for almost everything now, as long as you keep funds there.

She downloaded GCash and immediately learn the basics—she’s a smart teacher, after all. I taught her how to cash in and use GCash’s Send Money feature, so she can transfer money to her family in the province without any fees. She was so happy she kept thanking me every time she was able to send money. 

She said she now has no qualms whenever using her mobile wallet—and she has taught her siblings to use GCash, too. The P100-200 she saves monthly using GCash allows her to treat herself out every now and then, like buying a new lipstick or eating out.

Sometimes, we don’t realize that taking time out to teach somebody something new could mean so much to them. The 10 minutes I spent with that teacher taught me not to underestimate the impacts of caring and sharing. 

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