#FitPH - The Importance Of Loving Your Body As Much As You Love The Sport

Being active and adventurous are some of the many traits Filipinos have. At a young age, many of us are kept active because of physical education classes at school and even enjoyed playing sports in the streets. Sports have undeniably become a part of our culture which largely influenced how the Philippines has some of the best athletes competing with teams from all over the world. It is a goal that many athletes dream of reaching and they work towards achieving their dream of becoming better. It all begins doing a bit of heart-pumping and muscle-stretching warm up exercises and actually playing the sports. Beyond the desire to feel the adrenaline and endorphins, playing the sport, or winning a competition, are Filipinos also putting enough attention and importance on how healthy, fit, and capable they are to engage in exercise and play sports?

(L-R: Dr. Philip Aristotle R. Hermida, Orthopedics, Bone & Cartilage Transplant and Joint Surgery; Dr. Lucky Cuenza, Cardiologist, Sports and Cardiologist, Interventional Cardiologist and Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist; Dr. Betty Dy-Mancao, Rehabilitation Medicine)

Preparing An Athlete

Exercising and being physically active is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, with health benefits that affect all physical, mental and psychological aspects of well being. However, we also need to consider checking with a doctor first before starting any strenuous activities or exercises. For those who haven’t exercised for some time, it is important to make sure that you are healthy enough to engage in sports. It would be best to start slow to avoid any serious injuries. 

For example, for athletes who have a pre existing heart condition or have symptoms when exercising Sports Cardiology Specialists can be consulted to check for conditions that may be related to serious diseases. They may also be evaluated for risk factors from family history or pre-screened for cardiovascular diseases. Others may seek consultation with orthopedic sports specialists and physical rehabilitation experts to make sure their performance is not hampered by any musculoskeletal injury. 

“It is important for us to maximize the performance of each individual athlete, allowing them to reach their goals, while at the same time, ensuring safety by systematically evaluating for potentially dangerous cardiac disease that may lead to sudden cardiac death in the athlete.” said Lucky Cuenza, MD, Sports Cardiologist of ManilaMed’s Sports and Exercise Medicine Center.

Getting Back Up Again

Apart from a stable cardiovascular system, the ability to engage in sports also depends on a properly functioning musculoskeletal system. Athletes know that there are still risks in being active. Our bodies have needs and concerns whether we are an athlete, a fitness buff, or a weekend warrior.  All sports have some risk of injury. Whether it is noncontact or collision sports, athletes are expected to understand the risks before playing any sport. Some sports related injuries include sprains, torn ligaments, fractures, etc. 

Aside from preparticipation screening, specialized orthopedic treatment and Rehabilitation of sports injuries are important aspects of Sports and Exercise Medicine. The team works closely together to help athletic individuals with heart disease or physical injury to return to sports or physically demanding occupations. When injuries happen, it is crucial to get an accurate diagnosis to better address the symptoms.  Proper treatment and recovery from these injuries also spell the difference between achieving our athletic dreams, getting the athletic scholarship versus getting sidelined and living a sedentary lifestyle. 

“The ManilaMed Sports and Exercise Medicine Center has the expertise and diagnostic capability as a one stop shop for the detection and treatment of sports related injuries and conditions, Whether you are are an elite athlete, recreational weekend warrior, exercising for the first time, or recovering from heart disease or injury, we at ManilaMed want to address those concerns and make sure individuals exercise safely, get back in the game and feel better” said Dr. Cuenza.

ManilaMed’s Sports and Exercise Medicine Center with its unique multispecialty and multidisciplinary team aspect provides medically-sound advice, consultation and treatment for clients to stay physically active in a healthy and safe manner. 

You may visit ManilaMed-Medical Center Manila’s Sports and Exercise Medicine Center where they offer Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of Sports Injuries, Sports Orthopedics, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Evaluation and Assessment of Sports Performance, Sports Acupuncture, Preparticipation Cardiovascular Screening and Sports Cardiology Consultations. Contact the Center at 523-81831 local 2300.

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