#MusicPH - Nicole Laurel Asensio Launches The One, a new song in collaboration with BASICALLY SATURDAY NIGHT!

“The One” brings the old soul flavour into present times. A combination of Basically Saturday Night’s signature rhythm, silken guitar licks and their lead singer Migie Garcia’s deep smoky vocals, mixed with Nicole Laurel Asensio’s sultry yet powerful and unique tone and prowess in blending rock and jazz genres as well as beautiful embellishments from her formidable horn section. 

The original composition is a simple expression between two people who have shed their uncertainties and given themselves entirely to their one true love. The message of the song intends for people to continue seeking, cherishing and living for their own interpretation of “The One”.

Nicole shares her first encounter with Basically Saturday Night during a special interview. She first heard Basically Saturday Night’s thru Kelley Mangahas, head A&R at Warner Music. Days after listening to the bands music, they decided to jam  at Faisal’s house which they have nicknamed “The Lab”. It was instant chemistry! 

According to Junoy Manalo, guitarist of Basically Saturday Night, he thinks this stemmed from having shared the same reverence for soul, jazz, and blues artists, which made it much easier to find common ground. It was definitely a learning experience for the band to come into a session with a highly experienced musician like Nicole - he think it forced them to try and play at their very best.

“During a break in our first session, Nicole suggested that we go for a slow and groovy vibe. I started out on a chord melody with Jairus (Keyboard), Kurt (Bass) and Faisal (Drums) jumped in. Nicole started improvising some lyrics and melodies. Migie came back into the session and within minutes, most of the song had already been ironed out.”  Junoy Manalo added.

“The One” has beautiful vocal melodies that represent Nicole’s love for modern soul singers like Emily King, it has sonic textures that tip the hat to Mayer’s “Continuum” album, and it also weaves together the group’s love for soul music from the past.” Junoy Manalo shared.

This opens door for more collaboration in the future.  Nicole is very much grateful for the opportunity to work with Basically Saturday Night and the rest of the team behind The One. Nicole hopes to release a collection of more original compositions for the rest of 2022. She also mentioned venturing more in film and concerts.

The One is set to be released on all digital platforms on February 11, 2022 under Warner Music Philippines.  The music video directed by award winning director Gorio Vicuna will be released by the end of February 2022.

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