#MusicPH - Nicole Laurel Asensio Launches Another Single Entitled "What Matters Most"!

Nicole Laurel Asensio notices the subtle changes happening all around her, including friends who come and go, loves and losses and the lessons they teach, and seasonal growing pains. These experiences tells her to begin again. She wants to take this opportunity as she completes another cycle around the sun to celebrate WHAT MATTERS MOST — with her devoted friends and supporters. This song serves as a small birthday gift for everyone who has stuck around and encouraged her to keep writing music.

We are reminded to enjoy the things and people that mean most... while we still can in an imperfect world where friendships are temporary, money slips through our fingers faster than we can count it, and we frequently run out of time just before we reach the summit of the climb.

After completing another production session, "What Matters Most" was penned with tired eyes in the midst of a hot July daybreak. In order to debrief from another song Nicole and her team had just done, she can still remember descending down the media rabbit hole. The "Cadillac Records" soundtrack, which features blues legends like Etta James, Muddy Waters, and Howlin' Wolf, engrossed producer Gabe Dandan and herself. 

“The inspiration for ‘What Matters Most’ was mostly quartet music from the 50s-60s. Nicole’s vocal versatility spans many styles and genres of music but I think she sounds at home and authentic in this setting.”, Gabe Dandan shared. Sometimes one just have to let songs that draw inspirations from classic roots retain that classic sound. “The main focus of the simple no nonsense arrangement was to keep the song era-accurate with modern treatment and post production.”, Gabe added.

"What Matters Most"
is a love song, claims Nicole. She yearned to create a brief window of time when she could unreservedly enjoy love and the incredible sensation of being loved unconditionally. Nicole has been scribbling these words and a straightforward tune for this song for weeks. Between the recording sessions for other tracks, fragments of the song were spread. She had previously played impromptu variations of this theme with several friends, but the song's ultimate form and lyrics only came about after she listened to more classic blues musicians. At 7:30am, they finished the demo and, in keeping with the song's premise, went out for a stack of celebratory pancakes.

Working with Nicole is easy, according to Gabe, because of their immediate and natural writing chemistry. They have a relationship where they can both freely express themselves and understand each other's creative processes and palettes, which is another reason why they get along so well. Nicole usually starts off by humming a melody, and then Gabe creates chords that go well with it. From there, they build the song up.

There wasn't much post-production required; at most, it merely required selecting among ad-lib takes and minimal instrument curing. In her home studio, Nicole completes all of her voice mixing. Gabe and Nicole delivered the finished recording to Mr. Waxie G. Joaquin so he could mix, master, and bring the track to life.

With their post processing and spatial audio expertise, Waxified Sound processing did succeed in bringing the sound back to that vintage era. Waxie G. Joaquin of Waxiefied Sound Production performed the Dolby Atmos mixing and mastering on the track. 

A musical journey to a 1960s cafe in a daydreamy, creamy-white Cadillac is "What Matters Most." This five-minute song perfectly captures the sentimental experience of falling in love without inhibitions or regrets. A timeless but fresh new approach to the straightforward blues. The cherry on top is Nicole's one-of-a-kind vocals, which are showcased with the ideal balance of grit, grease, soulfulness, and vulnerability while delectably dripping over the band's perfectly ripened musical sensibilities and honest expression. Nicole's voice is like a red-hot lipstick stain on a tall strawberry milkshake.

What Matters Most will be available in leading streaming platform on July 7. The music video will be published in the middle of July along with another secret music video that Nicole plans to launch. On August 1, 2023, the event will start at 9 p.m. in the Salon De Ning of the Manila Peninsula Hotel. She will make further announcements on her social media platforms so be sure to follow!

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