#TechPH - Kingston XS100 Hands On Experience!

Data security and protection are becoming more and more crucial in these times of rising cyberattacks, not just for corporations but also for individual users. Because of this, it's crucial to regularly backup important data from PCs or notebooks. 

You should think about what you want to use the drive for, how quickly you need to be able to access the data on it, and how much data you need to keep on it when learning how to choose an external hard drive. There are large external hard drives that are preferable for long-term backups, external SSDs that provide you with lightning-fast data transfer, and external hard drives with lots of physical protection from the weather. Most of those criteria are frequently met by the top external drives.

Solid-state drives (SSDs) have become much more affordable in recent years. These lightning-fast, little storage devices are a far cry from the bulky, antiquated hard drives that many of us used to store our data. I was following updates from the recently concluded Computex 2023 and got excited when Kingston showcased their XS1000 External SSD. 

It brings pocket-sized portability without compromising the performance.

You won't believe how swiftly the XS1000 can read and write at first, or how durable this device is given its ideal pocket size. The compact XS1000, made of durable plastic and aluminum, can read and write at 1,000 MB/s rates, and it has USB 3.2 Gen 2 with back compatibility, making it compatible with USB 3.2. 

You can easily carry it everywhere thanks to its sleek, portable form factor, which is made to fit into your lifestyle. Don't be fooled by its compact size; this little powerhouse has high capacities of up to 2TB and speeds of up to 1,050MB/s, giving you plenty of speed and room to save your important data. 

An integrated rubber sleeve gives this SSD an IP55 grade for water and dust resistance as well as stress absorption. Because of its small size and portability, Kingston designed the XS1000 to be utilized practically everywhere. Devices running Windows 8.1 and later, macOS 10.14 and later, Linux 2.6 and later, and Chrome OS are all compatible with this drive.

The XS1000 is your dependable partner for hassle-free file backup thanks to its unparalleled simplicity and remarkable storage capacity. It ensures that your crucial papers, priceless memories, and media files are always accessible. The XS1000 external SSD lets you say good-bye to extra weight and welcome to simplified storage efficiency.

Pros and Con


  • The Kingston XS1000 is small, light, and portable, weighing only 28.7 grams and measuring about 69 x 32 x 13 mm. It fits in your palm and can be easily carried anywhere.
  • The Kingston XS1000 supports a USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface and can deliver speeds of up to 1,000 MB/s over Type-C connector. It comes with a Type-C to Type-A cable for compatibility with different devices.
  • The Kingston XS1000 is affordable compared to other external SSDs with similar performance. It is available in 1TB and 2TB capacities. Priced at 4,599 and 7,599 respectively.  It also has a warranty period of 5 years.
  • The Kingston XS1000 performs well in everyday tasks, such as transferring files, backing up data, or accessing documents. It is faster than the 20Gbps Kingston XS2000 in real-world 48GB transfers.


  • The Kingston XS1000 slows down significantly during long file writes, which may affect its performance in video editing or other demanding applications. It may not be able to handle super-large data sets very well.
  • The Kingston XS1000 lacks security features, such as encryption, password protection, or fingerprint recognition. This may pose a risk for users who store sensitive or confidential data on the drive.
  • The Kingston XS1000 does not include a removable rubber sleeve that was present in the previous model, the Kingston XS2000. This may reduce its durability and protection from scratches or drops


Backed by a limited 5-year warranty, the Kingston XS1000 can be purchased right now but is still subjected to local vendor availability.

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