#CulturePH - Money-saving life hacks with your workada this 2024

Alright, party's over, folks! After drowning in both holiday merriment and expenses, it's time to get back to the grind and save up some moolah. Whether it's a resolution or just because your bank account is screaming for mercy, we've got your back with some super chill life hacks for a budget-friendly return to the office with your awesome work buddies!


Let's start with a money-saving road trip – carpooling! Ditch those solo rides, invite your work pals, and hit the road together. Say adios to crazy transport costs and gas-guzzling. Plus, you'll be the eco-warriors the office deserves. Be a superhero for your wallet and the environment!

Plan your meals ahead 

No more playing the lunch lottery! Sit down with your office buddies and map out the week's meals. It's not just about saving money; it's about not staring at your sad sandwich and wondering where it all went wrong. Plan, save on expenses, and savor those office lunches like a pro.

Shared lunch with your workada

Feeling the foodie vibes? Team up on your foodpanda orders and pick platter meals for the ultimate money-saving feast. It's like having a potluck without the hassle, while saving on delivery fees. 

foodpanda's got a ton of options, my friend! Dive into a sea of choices, from your go-to fast-food joints to fresh discoveries and those hidden gems you've been snoozing on.

Start your day with some hearty breakfast silogs, power through with hefty rice meals for lunch, and when that midday slump hits, order your favorite merienda – perhaps a soul-soothing milk tea or an afternoon pick-me-up coffee. And, just in case you're pulling an office all-nighter, there's a dinner salad waiting for you. Whatever it is you’re craving, foodpanda’s got your back. 

Use vouchers for the best deals & discounts

Craving a discount fiesta? Vouchers are your new BFFs. Snag those deals and discounts for the ultimate money-saving hack. Order like there's no tomorrow because the more you indulge, the more vouchers and discounts you score. 

Enjoy up to Php 200 off on your fave restos like McDonalds, Jolibee, Greenwich and more using PANDA. For your afternoon snack, get up to Php 100 off delivery plus 25% cashback using pandapay with MERIENDA voucher code. You can also get up to Php 100 off on select restos using the code PANDAPICK or EATNA. 

It's like a game, but instead of points, you get awesome food at a steal!

So, gear up for this budget-friendly return to the office with your squad. Embrace these chill life hacks and watch as your team conquers the workplace and the art of staying financially afloat. Here's to a wallet-friendly and seriously tasty return to office life! 

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