#BlogWithNuffnang 3 Reasons why you need to be part of Nuffnang Philippines!

I would like to share to you why you NEED to be part of an AWESOME community called Nuffnang Philippines!

1. It's a great venue to extend your network.

Nuffnang is not just a blog advertising company in the country but also a source of social network.  Nuffnang always cater also to events which will help you interact, socialize and share expertise with each and everyone. I am honor to attend most of their events last year and just seeing my fellow bloggers attending events made me realize that the community is growing every year.

2. You will be able to do what you love (blogging) and at the same time win cool and exciting prizes!

Since Nuffnang established relationships with top brands in the country, members of the community always get the first hand experience before things come out in the market. Nuffnang always have innovative ways on how to engage the bloggers through contests and  other exciting activities. Everyone will surely love it when you're blogging for something and treated it as a reward for one's creativity.

3. Being a Nuffie will definitely jumpstart you blogging career.


A big part of my blogging career was inspired with my co-Nuffies. The story of Chuckie Dreyfus, David Guison and Googley Gooeys will always be on my list. I know some of you also aspire to be like them in the near future and I firmly believe that each and everyone of us have that opportunity coming in along the way. If you want to be surrounded with like minded, passionate, creative and hard working people, Nuffnang is a great venue for you.

Don't have your own domain for your blog? Join Nuffnang Philippines' contest!

Are you already a Nuffie? If not yet, well, it's your time to be part of the growing community. Looking forward to hear more of your experiences. See you on the road! :)

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