#TravelPH - Exploring Cavinti, Laguna! My #CavEAT: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour Experience!

Starting my year with a kick-ass adventure at Cavinti, Laguna. Last January 10-11, 2015, I am lucky enough to be invited by Mr. Herald Bebis to be part of a group (20 Filipino bloggers) that will explore the beauty of Cavinti. Mr. Bebis arranged a 2 day trip that he coined as  #CavEAT: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour.

Let start the adventure rollin'.

Bloggers were advised to take the four (4) to five (5) AM bus ride either from Pasay or Cubao station bound to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. From there, shuttle service picked us up. Our first stop was at Bumbungan Eco Park where a sumptuous breakfast waiting for us. It was my second time at Bumbungan since it was the finish line when I joined Caliraya Run last 2013. Bumbungan Eco Park is a perfect place for picnic and bonding moments with love ones. After our breakfast, we gather inside a function room where Ms. Nitzshell dela Torre, tourism officer of local government unit of Cavinti, briefed us by showing a video clip on what the place can offer. While watching Mayor Oliveros, as he stars the video presentation, I'm literally on my feet as I can't wait to have the first hand experience of those activities.

Bumbungan Eco Park

Picnic Huts at Bumbungan Eco Park

Mr. Herald Bebis officially welcoming us to Cavinti, Laguna.

Ms. Nitzshell dela Torre, tourism officer of local government unit of Cavinti

After the orientation, we headed to Shared Service Facility on Pandan Handicrafts Production - the place where locales processed the fresh pandan leaves into raw materials used in weaving. Finished products were either exported or sold here in the Philippines. This is one of the projects of Cavinti to help local residents have a source of income and let the municipality have a sustainable environment. Since the project is just new, some of the processes need improvements for continuous growth and development. I can't wait for this project to flourish as it has a big potential to help the locales and Cavinti as a municipality.

Processed pandan leaves.

Pandan Products for Export.

the shared facility.

one of the member's of the weaving association showing off pandan products.
Thank you for this TOKEN. :)

After knowing the process of weaving from end to end, we headed to Pueblo El Salvador as the starting point of more physically challenging adventure. Pueblo El Salvador is the main entrance to Cavinti Falls. Here, you need to register and sign up the waiver form. Ms. Gerlie Flores, officer in charge for El Pueblo, discuss the do's and don'ts in the area. She's also generous enough to share to us the reason behind the painting at the registration area. From naming the falls "Magdapio" to "Pagsanjan" and now re-introducing it as Cavinti Falls.

Ms. Gerlie Flores sharing the story behind the painting.

The controversial painting. :)

We walked for about 3 to 5 kilometers before we reach the scenic view deck and a foretaste of what's waiting for us at the bottom of the trail. A giant statue of El Salvador del Mundo and a nook serves as a resting place after a long walk. This area is where tourists need to wear the harness as each will rappel down the vertical ladders and tube. The vertical metal ladder is approximately 589 steps. It was in placed during 1996 and already made some restoration from then on to preserve the safety and protection of tourists. But since it's not that well known to tourist that a certain route exist, people used to take Pagsanjan's Shooting The Rapids instead. Thank you to Herald for letting us experience this alternative route and possibly the best way to enjoy Cavinti falls.

3 - 5 km walk.

Huge roots showing how the trees aged here.
The Viewing Deck. A glimpse of what's waiting for us.

Stop over at El Salvador Del Mundo statue.
The start of the 589 steps downward.

The Tube.
Amazed how manong do it without gloves. He said he's uncomfortable when he wears it.
He's doing his job for 9 years already. Seasoned.
Getting there.
After thrilling ourselves, we  finally reached the bottom.The majestic Cavinti Falls welcomed us!

Hello there!

Welcome to Cavinti Falls!

We got the chance to experience bamboo rafting where we enter Cavinti Falls entrance. The thought excites me. but more than that, the experience was priceless. The trail might be physically challenging but every inch of it was worth it. As we approach the waterfalls, we started screaming our hearts out load. The cold water was invigorating and awakens every nerves of our bodies. As we felt the intense pressure coming from it, it's like we're on a massage therapy session. The operators told us that we can go down the bamboo raft and swim inside the cave for a while. We didn't hesitate to try it and enjoy the coldness of Cavinti falls. As we go back to the starting line of bamboo rafting, a long line awaits us comprised of both foreign and local tourists. It made me happy that a lot of people wanted to experience going inside Cavini Falls' entrance.

After the amazing experience at bamboo rafting!

One last look before ascending.

After some picture taking, we decided to go back to El Pueblo Salvador for our lunch. Going back is more challenging because it's an uphill battle. You need to literally climb a ladder. We're all happy when we finally reached the stop over so we can munch on our lunch.

Hearty lunch. :)

at Camarin Resort.

After some refreshments, we headed to Camarin Resort where Pitik Galaw performed a cultural presentation just for us. Members of the Pitik Galaw Dance Troupe were scholars of the local government of Cavinti. While watching them dance, it reminds me of my glory days as folk and contemporary dancer when I was still in highschool. After their performance we toured Camarin Resort.

Pitik Galaw dancers

Bloggers at the Hanging Bridge at Camarin Resort.

with Dems Angeles of DemsAngeles.com

Beautiful sunset.

Savoring the moment.

Camarin Resort has function hall where people can hold events like wedding, birthday party, reunions and other stuff like that.

After touring Camarin Resort, we headed to Villa Oliveros Resort for our dinner. Villa Oliveros Resort is owned by Cavinti Laguna's Mayor Oliveros. After the courtesy call with Mayor, he's generous to prepare dinner for us and offer his villa to accommodate tyhe bloggers overnight.

With Mayor Oliveros.

Caldereta, Tinuto and Pinais.

I can hear them calling me. zZzZz

Because everyone's exhausted, we all slept early as we prepare ourselves for another day of exploration.

--End of Day 1--

We started our day with a breakfast still care of Mayor Oliveros. After that, we headed to Cavinti Church to celebrate mass. Right after the mass, we are fortunate enough to experience getting through the belfry as it's not open to the public. We had a good view of Cavinti when we reached the top.

Part of Villa Oliveros. Our view during breakfast.

Cavinti Church.

Inside Caviniti Church


The bell at belfry. 

A rainbow just say hi to us while we're on top.

We go straight to Lumot Lake. Did you know that the 2nd Cavinti Water Sports Olympics: 1st International Competition will be held here? Yes, you read it right! CWSO will be happening at Lumot Lake, Cavinti Laguna for the 2nd time. Activities such as dragon boat race, kite surfing, paddle boat competition, carabao race are some of the highlights. Event will be this coming February, 8-14, 2015. So for watersports enthusiasts, this event is perfect for you!

Lumot Lake.

Enjoying the fresh air.

We headed to Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort for our snack. Afterwards we experienced different kind of outdoor activities like golfing, boat riding. kayaking, mud slide, hanging bridge suspension, fishing and a lot more. If you're outdoorsy type of person, Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort is the best place for you!

Couple bikes for rent at Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort

Dining table. I love the color.

Overlooking golf range.


Guests enjoying the water slide.

Tried boating to fully appreciate the beauty of Caliraya Lake.

BOAT-mates. :)

View from the top of water slide.

Hanging bridge suspension.

Jen and Sherlane enjoying the Paddle Boat.

Mike Laagan trying to catch some fish.

On the other hand, Lago Fishing Village offers a unique way of stay. They have thematic rooms which will surely excites you. They cultivate different kinds of fishes from aligator gar to sea bass and others. There will be a Bass Fishing Tournament happening on January 24 - 25, 2015 at Lago Fishing Village. For more information, please visit http://pgff.net/xe/19499.

Mr. Edwin Santiago welcoming us at Lago Fishing Village.

on our way to Lago Hotel.

one of their Thematic rooms. See that headboard? Very innovative!

at Lago Fishing Village

Fish feeding.

Pitik Galaw Dancers entertained us again with a different dance showcasing "It's More Fun in Cavinti, Laguna" slogan.

Pitik Galaw Dancers

After fun activities at Lago fishing village, we headed to Japanese Garden. The place was built to commemorate Japanese soldiers who died in World War II. The place is huge and one can get a pretty nice view of Caliraya Lake from the top. This venue is perfect for photo shoot and picnic. The sight of greens were impeccable. It's truly a great time with nature.

well preserved trees at Japanese Garden.

it's like i'm in another country.

Japanese Garden.

Part of the plan was to watch sunset over the spillway but unfortunately, time was limited and it's also cloudy that causes us not to witness it. Thus, #ChasingTheSunset becomes trending among us. We decided to go straight to DLTB bus station as last trip going to Manila was scheduled at 6:30 pm. Separation anxiety kicks in as everyone bid goodbye to each other.

--End of Day 2--

After this two (2) day adventure, it made me realize the following:

  1. God shows how He love us through the beauty of his creation.
  2. Happiness is best when shared.
  3. It's fun to be with like minded people especially if you have the commonalities as a blogger.
  4. Stop complaining and start appreciating.
Hope with this blogpost, Cavinti, Laguna will be part of your bucket list, if not this year, in the coming years. The town has a lot to offer! It's one of the best way to enjoy, relax and spent well a weekend given it's proximity and  if you're working on a tight budget. I will surely come back to this sleeping jewel.

Here's a good video from Azreal Coladilla summing up our whole experience:

Thank you to the following bloggers for making this trip extra special:

Jennifer Lopez Gana of www.jlofied.com
Sherlane Fortunado of www.rakethub.com
Azrael Coladilla of http://azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com/
Athena Martinez Tria of www.thelifestyleavenue.com
Dems Angeles of www.demsangeles.com
Mike Laagan of www.mikelaagan.com
Resly George Amador of http://cablayextraordinarylife.blogspot.com/
Mskathykenny PR-Blogger of http://www.lifeiskulayful.com/
Chino Pantua of www.juanderfulpinoy.com
Dennis Marco of www.traveltropa.com
Martin Andrade of www.theindecenttruth.blogspot.com
Ay Lin of www.thedailyposh.net
Ann Ville Purificacion of http://annvassadress.tumblr.com/
Stacy Lyn II Liong of www.traveltripsters.com
Ross Flores Del Rosario of www.wazzuppilipinas.com
Ivan Stewart Baco Saldajeno of stutraveled.blogspot.com
Maiko Dungo of http://connectmanila.blogspot.com/ 
Clarissa A. Tubeo of http://footontheloose.blogspot.com/
Rom Factolerin of http://pelikula-padayon.blogspot.com/

The #CavEAT: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour is a Tourism Advocacy Campaign to help generate online buzz for the upcoming Cavinti Water Sports Olympics: 1st International Competition happening on February 8-14, 2015.

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