#SocialMedia - Want to say something but you can't? #SayItWithSwish

There are times in our lives that we are caught up in situations where we want to say something but we just can't. Sharing you top four (4) reasons why people encounter such.

1. You are not in the position to do so.

What if you want to tell something to someone but you're not in the position to do so? You felt helpless and somewhat powerless right? There are times that you are not in the position to speak out because you don't have a established connection with people you wanted to share something about. It may left you speechless and sometimes viewed as carelessness towards others but what if you're just introvert or something to that effect? Whatever the situation is, you must weigh in where you stand before jumping into something.

2. You don't have enough information.

In this day of age, where information is just one google away, everyone seems to have a say on almost about everything. I admire those people who do research on things and make some background investigations and observations before speaking out what's on their mind. I see a lot of people ranting in their social media sites without valid stand on the issue they're talking about. Sometimes, being quite doesn't mean you don't know a thing but shows that you are validating, weighing and observing before jumping into the "battle". Remember that if you know more, you can do more!

3. You are shy or nervous.

Other people doesn't like to be put on the hot seat, spotlight or limelight. Others have stage fright. We must understand that there are people who are not comfortable making conversation and speaking what's going on their head. There are people who are extremely shy and not used to exposing themselves in a conversation. Others maybe nervous to say wrong things so they end up staying silent. Whatever their reasons may be, it's not bad to reach out and help them get out of their zones. 

4. You have a bad breath.

Other people tend to keep quite just because they're not confident enough with the smell of their breath. Filipinos are generally hygienic but there are still people who experiencing bad breath due to health reasons or just by being too quiet for a long period of time. Being on this situation can cause lower self esteem and not being confident enough to speak up.

I am glad to try out Swish breath spray which provides instant fresh breath in just 10 seconds. It comes in convenient 10ml bottles and available in arctic cool and peppermint fresh flavors. Another good thing about this product is that it kills bad breath-causing bacteria so it doesn't just mask odor. Sugar free and odor free, Swish breath spray costs 105 pesos and is good for 100 sprays. Thank you Unilab for creating this product that will surely help people boost their confidence. 

I want to share to you below's funny and informative viral video from Swish!

So remember, whenever you need some confidence to say what you want to say, all you have to do is to #SayItWithSwish! :)

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