#TheaterPH - Suicide Incorporated!

Twin Bill Theater is staging a new play by brilliant Off-Broadway playwright, Andre Hinderaker, entitled SUICIDE, INCORPORATED. A dark comedy exploring the perils of depression, coping with loss, guilt and redemption, the play aims to shed light and raise awareness on mental health to its audiences. This will be staged at The P.A.R.C (Performing Arts and Recreation Center) 494 Lt. Artiaga Street, San Juan.

The Story

Jason’s been having a tough week at work. Profits are down, lawsuits are up, and worst of all, his boss has begun to suspect the truth: that Jason’s trying to ruin the company by keeping its customers alive.

See, Jason’s been hired at Legacy Letters to help clients craft the perfect suicide note. But he seems to have his own agenda…A subversive, darkly comic play about opportunism and that elusive thing called redemption.

The Highlights

Powerhouse ensemble!

It is composed of an all male cast Hans Eckstein, Jeremy Domingo, Mako Alonso, Bibo Reyes, Chino Veguillas and George Schulze. These men have the guts to portray the roles of Jason, Scott, Norm, Tommy, Perry and an alternate Norm which will surely move you and wake your senses. 

The Plot

This material is first of its kind in the country. The topic is taboo that is why it's very controversial. There's no suicide scene in the portrayal but it will definitely hunt you down. 

Why you should watch it?

Common! Mental health is a big issue now a days. A lot of people, specially the younger generation, commit suicide as easy as a count of 3. Ever wonder why this happens? Haven't you questioned what's going on their minds? Well, Suicide Incorporated is here and it's a very special material you should not miss. It's time to raise the awareness, talk about it and share to people you love. You never know if some of your friends are battling with depression and they need you to understand what they're going through. Or maybe, just maybe, we're the ones who need some help. It's time to talk!

Play dates:

See you at the theater!

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