#MusicPH - Seven Of The Country’s Best P-pop Groups Sign with Kumu

Whether it's food, art, or—possibly most especially—music and dance, Filipinos are renowned for putting their own personal spin on trends. Social media helped to catapult the Korean wave, or Hallyu, to the top of Billboard charts and into the hearts of young people all over the world in the middle of the 2000s. In 2021, social entertainment platform Kumu began expanding its music offerings through collaborations with record labels and singing competitions. Kumu was ready to serve P-Pop virtually at home as soon as Filipinos established their indigenous variation of the international Kpop genre.

, a platform that provided innumerable users with an online stage, was acutely aware of this P-pop phenomenon and even went so far as to co-produce TOP CLASS with Cornerstone Entertainment, a reality show that sought to find the next big local pop-group sensation. Some bands from the PH-based genre have received nominations for Billboard Music Awards, further demonstrating the genre's growing influence outside.

“We want to be at the forefront for this new genre of OPM (original pinoy music),” says Paolo Pineda, Chief Commercial Officer of Kumu. “We want people to know that [Kumu] is an avenue that showcases the best Filipino culture has to offer.” With that said, Kumu is positioning itself as the P-pop platform of choice for fans to watch and listen to their favorite groups. “Beyond serving as a stage, we want Kumu to be the platform for the fans to really get to know the band members they idolize. They can engage with them via live streams and Kumustahans, and thereby build a stronger bond between the artists and their fanbases,” Pineda followed. 

These are the P-pop bands to watch out for on Kumu:


Named for the Greek word that means “beautiful or feminine”, this six-piece girl power group exudes empowerment through their hypnotic beats and energetic dance moves.



Inspired by two Tagalog words: “Kinaiya”, a description of inner character, and “kaya”, meaning “the ability to do or deliver”, this five-woman group brings a strong message of identity and strength through their performances.



This is a female quartet that dares to tell the story of women in all its highs and lows. They are not afraid to get in your face or be a little vulnerable in their artistry as a girl group,



This group is composed of four ladies ready to take on the P-pop scene by storm with their captivating singing, rapping, and impeccable dance skills. Their lyrics convey the realness and authenticity of life on- and off-camera.



Pronounced “vision”, this five-man squad aims to dominate the stage and rule playlists with their alpha male energy and exemplary performances.

Press Hit Play


With a name inspired by the letters PHP alluding to their country of origin, this six-man group aims to relay the message of unity, diversity, and the story of life through music. 



Pronounced “first one”, this group of six male performers are optimized to bring out the best in the artform, whether it’s through exceptionals vocals or dynamic choreography.

An official contract signing and media conference this June 21 at Oddspace, Makati City, formalizes this partnership and welcomes these groups into the Kumunity. Download the Kumu app and catch these groups go live. 


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