#CulturePH - I'm An I.T. Guy But I Am Not A Gamer!

I finished a four (4) year degree course related to Information Technology but in that span, I haven't built a role playing online gamer in me. During my college life, I am exposed to a lot of new applications, websites and games but I haven't got a chance to be addicted to it. I was very busy participating with different club activities, meetings with different interest organizations and preparing for school wide events. I dedicated most of my time socializing, collaborating and building connections. There are actually times that my block mates invited me to play with them in an internet shop but I need to decline due to prior commitments. I rather read notes in the library, do my homework in advance or sleep. It's not just my priority. I guess I had plenty of time playing computer games when I was in highschool which lead me not to spend that much time when I was in college. In other words, I already enjoyed it.

Fast forward after college, I got bored with my home-office routine. One day, I tried searching for games that I used to play when I was in highschool and I am glad I found a site where it hosts most of the games I used to play. That's when I discovered solitaire.org. Remember when old version of Microsoft Windows had games like Minesweeper, Solitaire, Word Scrabble and a lot more? They have it! I spent at least 2 hours everyday way back then playing these games to the point that my mom will scold me to get out in front of our desktop and do other stuff.

In Solitaire, it's a combination of strategy and luck. The goal of the game is to stack cards into sequences but the color should not be the same. Cards of a lower consecutive rank can be moved below a card of higher rank. The player need to move the cards from the Table to the Foundations, beginning with Ace of each  suits. The game is over when all cards are cleared or if there are no moves possible.

Another game I used to play in our old desktop is the Classic Mines Sweeper. This is also a strategic and luck game because you need to click the square you believe to be clear of bombs to clear it out. You may use the numbers on squares to solve for which squares must have bombs or must not have bombs. The version of Mine Sweeper in Solitaire.org contains three (3) levels of difficulty. There's the EASY category with nine by nine grid with 81 squares and 20 bombs, MEDIUM category is ten cells wide by twelve cells tall for a 120 square grid containing 40 bombs while the HARD categoryis twelve cells wide by fourteen cells tall for 168 grid containing 80 bombs. Be sure you have your headset on with full volume up for additional pump. The bomb sound actually adds a thrill in the game.

Another game I found in Solitaire.org is the Letter Scramble. You just need to type out words using the letters from the playing field. It has 3 game levels where you must spell progressively more words per level. You may use variations of the same word and you can enter the same word you already provided. Remember that spelling longer words will give you higher scores. At the moment, I placed 3rd in the world rankings.

Overall, these games bring back a lot of childhood memories. I may not be a pro at these games but it made my high school life more entertaining. I am glad that there's a website that continue to host and develop games I used to play before and a bonus that these games are all for free. You don't need to worry to sign up or pay for any premium. It's very convenient!

Leave a comment below when you beat my ranking at Letter Scramble so I can beat your score up. :) Goodluck!

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