#CulturePH - Sekaya assembles wellness experts to discuss the different ways botanicals support our health

Sekaya, a Filipino plant-based company, has always been enthusiastic about nature's gifts that support life. It has been providing premium plant-based goods with components that have long been valued for their scientifically proven health advantages. 

Sekaya Botanic Infusion, a collection of botanical infusions or natural mixes that assist everyday wellness and specific health goals, is one of its most adored product categories. All the ingredients of each infusion are carefully selected from farms that hold the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) and Quality Assurance International's (QAI) Organic Certification, and they are served in plant-derived, non-toxic tea bags. 

Through the Prescribing Nature series, the brand has also made it a goal to inform people about how they can use nature's tremendous benefits to support their health and wellness. This time, Sekaya gathers health professionals for Nature's Blends How do herbal infusions maintain our health? that wants to spark a discussion on the various ways we might gain from the potent medicinal properties of plants. 

Geri Gil, an aromatherapist and instructor at The Oilbularyo, joins the series with a lecture on Aromas Heal, outlining how aromatherapy is a holistic, complementary, and alternative method that supports and aids mainstream treatment.

“Plant extracts are not silver bullets, but they are so supportive of our health and wellness. Having them in your home could be the wellness revolution you are looking for,” Gil says. “There is so much that plants offer in terms of restoring humans to optimum health and staying well.”

Certified tea master and educator Rocel Leoncio delivers a Tea Appreciation masterclass that emphasizes how drinking teas and botanic infusions is one of the easy healthy habits that people can adopt to enhance their daily lives and truly benefit from nature. 

“Having a cup of tea and botanic infusion at least a day can help boost your energy or even help you wind down. You can even choose botanic infusions for your exact wellness concern, as they are usually made of purposely selected botanicals that have the therapeutic properties to specifically address that,” Leoncio explains. “Can’t sleep? Got an upset tummy? Want to beat the afternoon slump? You can find a botanic infusion for that.” 

Functional medicine doctor Eca Lorenzo MD, FPCP closes out the Prescribing Nature session with a talk on Nutrition with Botanicals, affirming the transformative role of plants in maintaining one’s health, whether enjoyed as supplements, essential oils, or as plant-based beverages like teas and botanic infusions. 

“I'd like to remind people that however wonderful natural health products are, they are not magic. You'll get the best from them if you're also mindful of what and how you eat; that you move your body; get good quality sleep; and manage stress well,
” Dr. Lorenzo points out. “Additionally, it's crucial to choose natural products of high quality. To ensure that they retain the actual benefits of the plant's constituents, and they're safe and free from contamination with microbes, molds, heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxic residues.”

Kimi Abapo, Marketing Manager at Synnovate, assures consumers that Sekaya Botanic Infusion and all the brand’s product lines are designed with excellence in mind. 

“Our goal is to raise the bar of natural health products in the Philippines. This way, Filipinos will be able to fully experience the powerful benefits of nature” Abapo underlines. “They deserve nothing less than high-quality natural products that contain the best ingredients and comply with industry standards to ensure efficacy, safety, and purity. We’re proud to say that at Sekaya, these have always been our benchmark.”

Sekaya is a plant-based company from the Philippines that offers all-natural, scientifically supported goods to assist your everyday wellbeing and health objectives. Prescribing Nature seminars, which bring together specialists from the natural wellness sector to address specific subjects related to the usage of natural health products, have been organized by the company since 2020. These lectures are designed to help people become more knowledgeable and discriminating consumers of these goods so they can fully appreciate all of nature's magnificent advantages.

Sekaya is under Synnovate, the natural products division of UNILAB. Learn more about how you can benefit from Sekaya’s plant-based solutions and get health tips and information at https://www.sekaya.com.ph/ and by following @sekayaph on Facebook and Instagram.

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