Giving and spreading joy are always at the core of Filipino Christmas celebrations. The nation's fastest-growing telco, DITO Telecommunity, is going above and beyond to give DITOZENs the best possible 5G-enabled mobile and internet experiences for the lengthiest, happiest celebrations. 

DITO's new Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Eric Alberto reaffirmed the brand's commitment to uniting communities with an empowering 5G technology and network that enhances lives.

This year's theme, "DITO Bigay Todo Ang Ating Pasko," is comprised of generous deals and value-packed offerings- all-out data promos, affordable & premium mobile postpaid plans, and high-speed 5G-powered broadband products- that allow DITOzens to level up their digital experience.

Suubscribers can avail of DITO Advance Pay this holiday season, which allows them to enjoy data, calls, and texts for only Php 713 for one year! 

DITO's Chief Commercial Officer Ms. Evelyn Jimenez expressed her gratitude for the brand's customers, partners, and supporters for supporting its products and services.  She also highlighted the youngest telco player's commitment to enable Filipinos to enjoy the full benefits of the TODO lifestyle - one that is digitally connected and thus able to unlock vast opportunities to move ahead in the future.

DITOZENs can get a free Samsung case with their free Samsung Galaxy A23 5G smartphone when they avail of a DITO FLEXPlan Handset 1688. The FLEXPlan Handset 1688 comes with   50GB data and bonus 50GB 5G data per month, UNLI all-net calls and texts and 12 months of Prime Video subscription.

DTO Home’s UNLI 5G Postpaid WiFi also makes the perfect gift! Customers can enjoy the introductory offer of Php 745 per month for the first six months with internet speeds of up to 500Mbps+. 

DITO Chief Enterprise Revenue Officer Atty. Adel Tamano thanked the brand’s media friends and partners for their constant support, which has helped the telco achieve company milestones such as  successful product launches, network expansion,  and the growing number of DITO subscribers. 


Meanwhile, DITO Rewards also gives more reasons to be merry this Christmas with huge prizes to be won by all DITOzens - from gadgets to all-in local and international trips.  These are just a sneak peak of the many offerings DITO is rolling out especially for the holidays.

Gift of color and connection 

DITO also collaborated with emerging creators from the digital art community and veteran artists from the Art Association of the Philippines, the longest-running and one of the most influential artist organizations in the country.  The youngest telco player worked with emerging and veteran artists to develop custom designs for DITO Jackets. 

Just in time for the Christmas season, DITO also collaborated with emerging creators from the digital art community and veteran artists from the Art Association of the Philippines (AAP), the longest-running and one of the most influential art organizations in the country. 

Connecting People by AAP member Robert Fernandez — the artwork depicts a man’s head filled with ideas and possibilities. It showcases the complexity of the human brain which is the  root of innovation that disrupts norms and gives birth to new experiences. This artwork is consistent with DITO’s continued efforts to innovate mobile and internet solutions for Filipinos. 

As part of the “DITO Bigay Todo Ang Ating Pasko” campaign, the collaboration called the “DITO Art Collab,” empowers the Filipino creative collective by giving them a platform to showcase their work and use their creations to inspire and connect communities.  

Another featured piece was up-and-coming artist Jomer Haban’s artwork titled, Wer Na ΓΌ? Dito Na Me!.  The work echoes the spirit of the Filipino youth and how mobile phones and the internet are entrenched in their daily lives. They make up a big chunk of DITOZENs, driving DITO to continuously innovate products grounded on their needs. 

DITO worked with emerging artists, Ginoe and Jomer Haban and AAP’s several veteran artists including Robert Fernandez, Angelito Florendo, Danilo Santiago, and the organization’s President, Fidel Sarmiento,  to develop custom designs for DITO Jackets. This unifying fashion piece harps on the company's brand values, from its commitment to bringing the Filipino forward and contributing to nation-building to offering simple but innovative products that disrupt the norm and foster authentic connections. 

Another spotlighted artwork was emerging artist Ginoe’s Ascension.  The design reflects DITO’s commitment to nation building. The eagle represents the country soaring in the digital era.

According to DITO's Chief Commercial Officer, Evelyn Jimenez, "Our aim is to reflect the Filipino culture of giving, which becomes more salient and alive during the Christmas season. For us, it is all about giving back to our customers and empowering communities through our products and services. We want them to be able to enjoy the full benefits of the TODO lifestyle - one that is digitally connected and thus able to unlock vast opportunities to move ahead in the future."  

To know more about the valuable offerings and promos inspired by the "DITO Bigay Todo Ang Ating Pasko" campaign, check out @DITOphofficial on Facebook and Instagram or visithttps://dito.ph. 


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