#CulturePH - Netflix Greenlights Cashero Featuring Down-to-Earth Superheroes Set to Transform the Genre

Cashero, a series that reimagines the superhero genre with a realistic twist, was given the green light by Netflix. This series follows the lives of Kang Sang-woong, an average man whose superpowers increase with his financial means. It is based on the critically acclaimed webtoon of the same name. The show captivates viewers with its clever plot and likable characters while skillfully fusing bravery with an honest examination of socioeconomic issues.

Global star Lee Jun-ho  (King the Land, The Red Sleeve) takes on the role of Sang-woong, a former civil servant whose new powers are tied to his wealth, adding a layer of complexity to his dream of a better life. His transformation into this relatable hero is highly anticipated by fans.

Kim Hye-jun (Kingdom, Inspector Koo, Connect, A Shop for Killers) plays Min-sook, Sang-woong's analytical girlfriend who evaluates the feasibility of his superpowered endeavors, providing steadfast support despite her reservations about his self-funded heroics.

In a dual showcase of talent, Kim Byong-chul portrays Byun Ho-in, a lawyer whose superpower emerges with alcohol consumption and who leads the Korean Superhero Association. He enlists Sang-woong to fight against a secretive anti-superhero coalition. Alongside them is Kim Hyang-gi as Bang Eun-mi, whose powers activate with calorie intake. Known as Bbang-mi, she is fearless and occasionally blunt, proving to be an invaluable ally in their mission.

Directed by Lee Chang-min (Agency, Welcome to Waikiki) and written by Lee Jane and Jeon Chan-ho (Sisyphus: The Myth), Cashero is set to captivate Netflix audiences with its fresh take on superhero dynamics and down-to-earth characters.

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