#KITKATBreakMovement Everyone deserve to have a BREAK.

Imagine yourself living in world of SILENCE.Can you stand it? Will you survive? Maybe a couple of minutes, hours or even days are acceptable but not if we're talking about forever.

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It's hard to live LIFE without sound. Life becomes more fun and exciting with all of it may it be noise or music that surrounds us. If I would be given a chance to unlock a skill, I want to have a skill on playing a musical instrument/s. It's one of my frustration until now since I don't know how to play any. Ideal instrument to play for me would be piano, flute, violin, or harp. It has a soothing effect and have a relax and calm vibe.

Listening and playing musical instrument/s would be a nice break from all the things people normally do especially when you have a full time job. I find it very fulfilling for those people who incorporate such activities in their daily lives.

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Life offers a lot of challenging tasks and it's good to break the monotony by adding spice on it. How about you? What skill would you like to unlock and why?


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